How can I get a long term stay in Singapore name is Sonia from Ghana and I would like to get a longterm stay in Singapore .any advice for me,or can someone help me get a longterm stay either agent or individual

Hope to hear from anyone soon.thank you

To stay in Singapore long-term (i.e. longer than the max. 89 days possible on a visit visa), you need one of the following:
- Work pass (WP, S-Pass or EP), which the employer will apply for you after you found a job
- Student visa (SP), which you can apply for after being accepted as full-time student by a local university
- Dependent's visa (DP, LTVP), which you can apply for as close relative (spouse, aged parent, minor child) of somebody who is already resident of Singapore
If none pof these apply to you, you are probably out of luck - although there are some less often used (and much harder) methods: Investing S$2.5 million or more in the country, which can give you a visa under the GIP programme, or starting a business with at least S$50000 start-up capital and fulfilling other requirements, which can give you an EntrePass.
There are no other ways and strangers you meet on this or other forums cannot help you in any way.

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