Living in a hotel in Phnom Penh


I'm moving to Phnom Penh near the end of April and looking to stay in a hotel for a few weeks before I get completely settled. Has anyone on here done this?

Ideally, I would not want to pay more than $10-$15 per night. Does anyone have any experience in haggling a hotel down for a one month stay? say the hotel is $15 a night, I would like to get them down to say $10. Is this realistic?

I would prefer a balcony and fridge alongside the normal things like A/C, double bed, does anyone have any hotel recommendations? Location is not massively important. If anything I would rather not be too close to the river, main bar and restaurant  areas, otherwise this might jeopardise my studying and money situation :)

This hotel would be ideal - desk, balcony and fridge, decor is not that important to me, but some natural light would be a must as I would be spending a lot of time there. Only downfall with this hotel is the many complaints about the poor WiFi.

Good idea to stay at a guesthouse first.. thats what i did.. i had a friend who stayed at
Velkommen Guesthouse and he said it was fine

another place i stayed years ago is " Rory's Guesthouse

Thanks Ruvanes.

Did you manage to haggle them down for a longer stay?

well how long do you mean when you say " longer stay"?? i was there for about a i didnt bother with that... 

The guy who owns Rory's guesthouse is cool... if same owner, his name is Chad...

I really dont think it will take you a month to find an apartment... but i suppose if you want to go that route.. EVERYTHING is negotiable in cambodia.. EVERYTHING.....  ..i would think u can negotiate.. especially if u can pay upfront /in advance....  or at least pay half upfront?? just an idea..

i am unusre if you can get a balcony for $10 per nite..but try it.. did u look at the websites for ROrys guesthouse and Velkommen guesthouse?

Rory Guesthouse responds to emails .. actually i think they both do

The first time i came i stayed in a guesthouse for a month and negotiated before i cam 200 us a month for room with internet , no balcony . There are many . I chose 1 month to insure i got an apt i wanted! ( not just any apt ) . Thats how i did it . However u can stay in one day by day too if u are committed to finding an apt quick . This time i reserved none and came with baby and  spouse ! ( Risky , however i knew where i wanted to be so arrived ( however i did have a persons help online before i came) But everything was rent there lucked out next to building i a couple moved out 1 day before and got an apt for three months that was far superior then what i usually went after!!!

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