Essentials to live in Austria


As an expat living in Austria, what would you advise the ones about to pack to bring along?

What are the items you can easily find in Austria? On the other hand, what is less common or quite expensive?

Share with us what you would recommend to bring in one’s suitcase or container when moving to Austria.

Thank you in advance,


Hi Christine!
Not much really necessary to bring over with you, unless you cannot live without Cadbury's or Galaxy chocolate. Marmite, Branston Pickle or your favourite chutney may not be readily available, although Austrians have woken up to chutney. Marmelade is now readily available with two excellent brands being Meinl and Darbo. Lime marmelade has not caught on yet. Tea is readily available whether herbal or Twinings. There is even an excellent ex pat who has brought tea to Vienna name of Demmers. Earl Grey is also readily available. Generally Austrian biscuits are better than English ones except for shortbread. Christmas puddings are not available here, but the stollen Christmas cake is excellent.
The good news is in Salzburg where there is an English shop, which also takes internet orders. There is also one in Vienna. Good excuse though to go and visit the romantic city of Salzburg, home of the Sound of Music! Good luck, and enjoy the excellent quality of Austrian food! Note that the Austrians do not have salted butter. They do sell Kerrygold, but unsalted. You will also notice that milk whether full fat 3.6%, or the skimmed 1.5% still tastes almost as rich as jersey milk-that is how good milk is in Austria! Also 0.9% is available, as well as soya and lactose free.

Hi Christine
I agree with everything that Rod has said....just one other comment - there is a Marks and Spencers in Bratislava (Slovakia) which is only an hour away from Vienna....also Bratislava is a great place to visit!
All the best with your move

and 20 euros return on the train from the main Vienna station. An absolutely charming city. The ticket includes price of bus fare to city centre. Also a charmingly old design tram system. Again here the influence of the Austrian empire is clearly visible in the old town architecture. Definitely worth a day visit!

Heya, first question: Is the stay permanent or temporary? Second question: What are your hobbies?

Generally food and living costs are intermediate depending on your lifestyle, but it is the little things that can get your cash spent quite quickly.

Obvious things would be a diverse wardrobe, general information about where you are going to be based (In your native language) and either a dictionary or basic understanding of the local language (German).

Other than that, without knowing what your hobbies etc. are, I can't be of much help to you :) It is a great country however, and you can find almost anything here that you would back home. Never be afraid to speak some crappy german, as most of the locals will not speak your language but will happily assist you if you approach them with some respect and treat them nicely whilst showing them you are atleast trying to communicate to them in their language.

Otherwise, have a good one! Austria is amazing!

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