Room Rental near JCU University

Hi to all! This is Fadi from Italy. I m planning to come to Singapore with in this month for study at JCU university And i need a place to stay. Is there sombody here Who can gìve me a room for a good price? I m 30 years guy, friendly and honest :-D

You can place an ad in this site's classifieds section, but your chances are much bigger when you search local sites and newspapers after your arrival in Singapore.
Sublet roms start at around S$800/month and can cost up to S$1500/month, depending on location and amenities (e.g. attached private bath costs more than shared, kitchen useage costs more than none, etc.).

Hi Fadi,

You can drop an advert in the housing in Singapore section of the website. Furthermore, there are already some adverts proposing rooms, it will be good that you have a look.

- Rooms for rent in Singapore

All the best

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