Willing to move to Malaysia or India

please, help me. I wanna move to India or Malaysia. I am a Ghanaian. A professional teacher with Graduate Degree.

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Can you please introduce yourself and give more details about your project?

What kind of help are you looking for?

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Naomi :)

Hi i am willing to own a porsche or a ferrari! Doesnt mean i will get it easily just by being willing lol

As a Ghanaian it is "somewhat" difficult to find work inless you are a USA UK Australian or Canadian qualified teacher. If maths physics or chemistry chances are much higher but as rascism is the norm in asia only the better schools hire expat teachers who are non caucasian but they only hire western qualified teachers. But it really depends on subject as shortage subjects as i mentioned it is far easier.

India has a massive surplus of teachers so that would seem more difficult - lots looking for jobs in asia too. One would suspect some rascism too and india is very different to malaysia lifestyle wise. Totally ying and yang so seems like an odd pairing choice wise.

I suspect you have more chance in London actually. You could do that and get UK QTS after two years "on the job" and then much better pay and prospects overseas. That would be the smart play long term in terms of earning more.

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