S pass rejected. Have some questions.

Hi there!

Just would like to seek some inputs regarding spass. I have followed alot of discussions here and there and now seeking for some enlightenment.

Summary of my case:

An Australian degree holder, studied at PSB Academy in SG, a very fresh graduate with no experience.
However, luckily enough a company decided to hire me as a software engineer with a salary of 2.5k for the first 3 months of probation.

My hr called me the other day to inform me that my spass has been rejected and she called the mom and the officer stated "sensitive matters"  was the reason (nothing surprising I assume). Currently is going through an appeal.

I do believe i have a clean record in sg and is labelled likely to get an s pass via the SAT tool.

I am aware of the fact that MOM prioritises local over ft, and the fact that I have no experience.

My question is, is there any other possible reason for rejection?

Thanks in advance and happy Chinese new year everyone.

"Sensitive matters" isn't a standard answer by MoM and I doubt that it was actually said in that way.
In any case, as a degree holder you should apply for an EP (and earn at least S$3300/month to get one).

Hi beppi thanks for the input.
I'll update you again on my case.

But are you saying getting an s pass is not likely for my case?

Yes, that's what I think.
MoM does not want foreigners to distort the local salary structure by earning far below or above the local average for their level - and for fresh graduates the minimum is set at S$3300/month.
If your certificate isn't recognised as full university degree, but something akin to a local polytechnic diploma, you might be fine.

Maybe this company has hit the ceiling for work permit!

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