Dependent pass was rejected, please help on how to appeal?

My company helped me appliedDependent pass on 27Jan, and was rejected today , my monthly salary is 4K, less then MOM requement, is it the reason why I get rejected?
Any possibility that I can get DP by appeal to MOM?
Is anyone happened to get DP despite salary not meeting requirement?

Appreciate for answering !

If I read it correctly, MoM did mention that an employee could apply for a dependant pass or bring family, if his basic or minimum fixed monthly salary should not be less than S$5,000. So, I'm scared that could be the cause, why it was rejected in your case.

Good luck next time.

If you want to bring your dependants, you need to earn a minimum of S$5000/month (for spouse and minor kids) or S$10000/month (fore others, like parents).
There is no way around this. If you earn less, your application will be rejected and you cannot appeal.

Hi Beppi i have a follow up question, about this topic because im planning also to apply a dependent pass only for my wife first. she's a degree in accounting and i want her to find accounting job here in sg. 
my salary is 2k. is it possible to be approved?

The answer is big No. No matter what she has experience or degree has, when u r applying for dependant pass for your wife, the pass would be cleared based on your salary and pass. Looking at your query, you have mentioned that your monthly salary is 2k, which means you must be holding S pass.

FYI to apply dependant pass your salary should be minimum 5k and above. I'm giving MoM link for your reference. … ligibility

Also note that your wife will not be allowed to work on Dependants Pass.

thanks Surya2k

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