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Hi guys,

New to the forum, just wanting to ask a quick question.

I was just wondering, how the the EP takes to get an answer from MOM? My company put my EP through for processing on 21/01/16 which was online. I've read on the website its 1-10 working days is this correct?

Reason for asking, I'm currently sitting in limbo in Australia twiddling my thumbs and I'm thinking of flying back to the uk for a few weeks if the process usually takes longer than 10 days.

Thanks in advance


The process takes between a few days and a month or more - and there is no way to predict how long your case will be.

Ok thanks for your reply mate,just leasing with hr and my boss now as I'm going to see if it's OK to go home for a week.

Hi Nick, it purely depends on MoM, and position you r applying for, the certificates you have provided and so on.

If all the documents are in order then the min it could take less than a week, and in max it could delay for a month. Now, due to Chinese New Year around the corner, the process may get impacted due to festive season but hope you will get in a quick time.

Yes, visiting home is always great.. So, all the best.

Thanks for your reply . I was actually informed by my HR, that they should of applied for the S pass and not the EP due to me having diploma qualifications. EP was rejected, they applied for the S pass straight away, I'm worried now that it'll get rejected also due to fact of how quickly they applied for s pass, or is that not usually the case? I took the SAT test and said I'd qualify for the s pass, I read it's 90 percent chance of approval lif so is that correct? Back ground about me, have 6 years working experience, British national, with year working in Australia. company I was working for in Australia, offered me to go to SIngapore so jumped at the chance.

The EP application form has a checkbox "consider candidate for S-Pass if ineligible for EP". If this is not checked (as obviously your company did), there goes your chance for an S-Pass for this job!
So now you depend on the goodwill of MoM, which they do sometimes have, and a good argumentation by your company why this was a mistake and that you should be considered for S-Pass nevertheless. You should inform your company of this, and that just submitting a normal S-Pass application isn't enough any more (as chances are high that it will be rejected without further processing).

Ok. Real shame that is. Thanks for your input. If thy did tick the box, will it make a difference? I'm not to sure if they did or not...

If they did, they would not have needed to apply again, because both would have been decided about together.

Hi Beppi,

I have the form in front of me and I  have looked through it twice now and I can't find the bit where you say
" consider candidate for s pass, if ineligible for EP"

I have emailed my HR this morning.



Hmm, there used to be that option.
Maybe they have changed the form?

This is the information I have (already a few years old):
"There is a tick box on the application that says, in effect, if you are not "deemed" eligible for an EP do you want to be considered under an S pass.
If you tick that box NO then if you are found ineligible for the EP, you are rejected. Full Stop. However, if you ticked the box YES then if ineligible for the EP they will then consider you under the guidelines for an S pass. This is not to say that it's guaranteed that you will get either however. It just means that it opens all options. If you don't tick it yes and are rejected for the EP, you CANNOT reapply for an S pass, as you already made your election."

Please let me know if this has really changed, so I can advise future inquirers correctly. Thanks!

I can safely say, that on the new for there is 100 percent none of that text or tick box options.

O.k., good to know.
In that case, your company did the right thing by applying for an S-Pass after rejection of the EP application.
Good luck!

My North Indian friend is living in Singapore, he sent me his resume & I see that he has degree qualifications.. But he told me his EP was rejected after he applied.. What are the reasons for MOM rejecting the EP?

There are many possible reasons for an EP to be rejected. It is impossible to tell from the very limited information you gave to say why your friend's was. You can read more on this forum or elsewhere about the requirements for EP.

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