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Hello!  I am Janice , Filipina married to a Dutch man 5 years and have 1 daughter. For the meantime, my husband and my daughter already lived in Netherlands but I myself left behind in the Philippines because we have Visa problem. My husband just started working last year but he cannot get a long term job because now a days its all contractual basis here in Netherlands but he earn more of what they asked for income.So we planned to move in Belgium. Ive been away from them a year and 9 mos. We want to reunite it again as family. Being as a Wife and a Mother i missed out:( Can anyone will give us advices of what are the first step to do? A big help much appreciated! Thank you very much! God bless!

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I recommend you to read the following articles : Traveling to Belgium and Visas for Belgium.

These articles consist of interesting information concerning the first steps while planning a move to Belgium.

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Thanks Naomi. I think my husband should find a place to live there and afterwards a job so we can start applying a visa. What do you think if he will register himself in belgium then continue working in Netherlands, is that possible?

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