Best cities to live in Uruguay


It’s not always easy to decide in which area to settle in when moving to Uruguay. According to you, what are the best cites to live in?

Which regions offer most of the job opportunities, a good quality of life, an affordable cost of living?

Share with us the cities you would recommend to expats and soon-to-be expats in Uruguay.

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Piriapolis & Colonia del S. I am fall in love with both ;)

For me it is Punta Carretas in Montevideo. I love the area!

Although Wikipedia claims otherwise, there is one city in Uruguay: Montevideo. As for earning a living, if you can earn a living anywhere with internet, you'll be fine. Otherwise, unless you're very entrepreneurial, forget about earning a living in Uruguay.

I would only recommend that someone interested in the country spend some time exploring. Punta Carretas might appeal, but not to me: last place I would choose to live is in a city. Having spent time in both, I am blind to what people find appealing about Piriápolis and Colonia—for me, they're places to spend a half-day exploring and move on. We're all different.

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