Best cities to live in Turkey


It’s not always easy to decide in which area to settle in when moving to Turkey. According to you, what are the best cites to live in?

Which regions offer most of the job opportunities, a good quality of life, an affordable cost of living?

Share with us the cities you would recommend to expats and soon-to-be expats in Turkey.

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Dear Julien,

Most expats prefer to live in a few neighbourhood of Istanbul. These areas are the best to live and comfortable not only Istanbul but also Turkey. They are Istinye, Maslak, Etiler, Levent. For housing, you should look for Istinye Park Evleri, Spine Tower. They have their own shopping malls next to the residences. You will not deal with crazy Istanbul traffic if you have houses in these sites.


I would recommend Adana. It has everything of a big city except the traffic. The weather is very nice even during the winter and for those who miss the cold; within an hour driving we can go and enjoy the snow in the Taurus mountains.
Above all, Adana has quite some expats and we have a wonderful ladies expat club.

Antalya is the most wonderful city to live in, I have had such a wonderful time living there, I have made such lovely friends, and it is so beautiful and clean.  I would not like to live anywhere else.

Yes, Antalya! It's a " normal" city with people going about their own lives and businesses, still with a very interesting and beautifully renovated old city, great shopping malls and restaurants and walks with parks and outdoor gyms along the seaside. Beaches to the east and west. Nice weather from September to December and again from February to June! Clean and nicely kept, excellent public transport! Now plenty of apartments for sale at reasonable prices. I prefer the Lara - Guzeloba areas to the east of the city centre. Welcome!

Dear Julien it is not easy at all to answer your question. It depends on a lot of things such as the lifestyle you desire, job opportunities etc... If you definitely prefer a dynamic life Istanbul is the city which I should recommend. But if you say, I want peace and rest and dont want to struggle in the traffic, I would say avoid Istanbul. Izmir,Antalya, Adana,Bodrum are also promising with considerable expat communities, but if you are kind of a person who hates high temperatures dont go to Adana I would say. In terms of opportunities if you are a tourism professional i.e Antalya may provide a lot of opportunities, but for some areas, other than Istanbul, there is no city which can provide you an open position.

I would like to live close to the sea :)

Turkey has a long coast and depending on your personal/regional/financial preferences you can choose from Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Fethiye, Canakalle, Dalyan, Alanya, Kalkan, Marmaris.. amongst many others. This is just a few names t give you a starting idea.. You can put in more homework and choose for yourself.

Good luck

Sana Demchenko :

I would like to live close to the sea :)

How about Samsun???and Ankara???please tell me more this place guys thanks

you wont find any job for expats in Samsun.
Yet ankara is the capital and big one. What exactly do you wanna know?


Hello every body
I am an experienced English teacher, and would like to move to Antalya, a beautiful sea side city to live and work for a while, approximately a year or more. I would appreciate any directory and advice.

I would recommend either Izmir or Antalya.

Dear Mr. Baranzy
Greeting, thank you kindly for you suggestion. Do you have any personal experience of living in the city of Antalya,such as: temporary work, living expenses, and fun time. I would appreciate all your kind information.
Kind regards

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