Cost of Living in Lagos


I am considering to relocate to Lagos and I was hoping to have more info about the cost of life.

Thank you for your help!


Hi Claudio, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

I hope other members will give you more information about the cost of living in Lagos.

I wish you good luck

Thank you Christine!

i am a south african living in lagos. dependind on your life style. i foung that it is cheaper to shop for food or anything @ a low in come area. eg a bottle of cola is about 50n,where local people shop, but a high income area will sell the same bottle for 500n, because most foregners shop there. lagos is a buzying city, i enjoy it, social life is like anywhere else, depending on the company you keep. i always advice a good dose of street smarts. the people are friendly. i love it

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