Need some advice on my rejected EP application

Good morning:) Im seeking advice regarding my rejected EP.I've been working in sg for about 8 months already holding an S pass. I got an offer from a new company  which offers me double of my current salary  and will apply for me E pass so that I'll have a chance of bringing my husband as my dependant.
Unluckily, my E pass got rejected for the reason the current salary didnt match with the position applied for. We did'nt change the my designation in my new EPass(still assistant accountant,the same as my S pass job title).Is this the reason why they rejected it? What do you suggest  my dearest admin?  Appeal?  Or better submit a new application stating higher executive position? And what are the chances they will approve it this time??
Thank you so much. You're advice is highly appreciated:)

The "Dearest Admin" is unlikely to reply, as he isn't in or near Singapore and probably doesn't like to be called "Dearest" by female strangers (he just got married!).
So I hope my reply is also appreciated:
To prevent foreigners from distorting the local labour market and salary levels, MoM rejects too high as well as too low salaries. The (unpublished) allowed band for each position is certainly not as wide as to allow a doubling of pay, as in your case. So that's why you were rejected.
Now, appealing makes no sense without new information that wasn't submitted before. Do you have any?
Alternatively, if your employer (after another two weeks of unsuccessful advertising on the locals-only job bank) applies for another EP with higher job description, MoM might reject it because your background (education, experience, etc.) is not in line with the new responsibilities. Also, MoM is always suspicious that some fishy business happns when it comes to re-applications after rejection.
Your safest bets are looking for another employer, or staying in the job you currently have.
But then again, nothing ventured nothing gained. Good luck!

As Beppi, already replied what could be the reason and what would be the implications if u lodge for reconsider ur application once again.

I would like to know that whether do you have degree or higher educational certificate which is recognized by MoM? The basic salary should be more than $3300 to eligible to apply for EP along with recognized degree or master certificate by MoM, which is basic criteria along with total number experience.  You may visit MoM website and check whether you r eligible for applying EP or not.

If yes then you may try your luck again after worked few more months or a year at least  cause 8months is too little to shift a job that even holding a S pass.

If no, then ask the employer to apply with new hiked salary package but for S pass, only problem that you will not be able to bring your hubby under your sponsored DP.

Hi beppi:) As per qualification, I got a degree in Accountancy and my license as Certified Public Accountant back in my country and my School also is one of the most accredited State University there.Got almost 7 years of experience of which 8 months of it I acquired from working in singapore. Upon rejection,they did not asked for any additional documents:(
Thank you very much beppi:) you are so helpful for us who needs advice regarding this matter.

I used the MOM's Self-Assesment Tool and the result is  likely to qualify both for s pass and e pass.Got a degree in Accountancy and  a license:( but I don't know what they mean when they say salary is unmatched with the position:(

They mean the salary is too high or too low for the position.
For your background, an EP with S$5000-6000/mnth salary is realistic - but why did you settle for half if that in you current job???

At first, I wasn't after the salary since its my first job here in singapore. But the second company offers a much promising opportunity and career growth plus the fact you can bring your love ones here to live and possibly work also. But thanks for the advice:) Im still in my current company since my E pass application was'nt approve yet.My new employer promise me they wont give up on my application. Their first e pass holder resigned because of some personal issues and we are hoping I can have that slot in their company:)

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