looking for dog friendly area

Good morning everyone,
I plan to move from KL to SGP in the next months, and I m wondering which area should be the best for dog owners,
I found these parks near metro station that seems good, does anyone would recommend some condos or low rise apartments in these neighborhood ?

NS16-17 Bishan Park
CC24-CC25 West Coast Park / Labrador nature reserve
EW 25-26 Jurong Lake Park

thanks a lot


Another area you may consider is Bayshore Park Condo.

It has such a large ground area and it's link to the beach.

Nice place, go see it and realise that there aren't much of such condo sizes in Singapore. You'll love it for the space and so will your pets.

Pls don't go to the wrong one next door - "the Bayshore" this project is much smaller in size.


Thanks , i took a look on the website and it looks really nice !
but are dogs allowed in the park inside the condo (on leash of course)? seems too good to be true....

Yes, of course.

There are many dog lovers out there...

thanks a lot :top:

Look out in my location Marine Parade area, near to East coast park, you will find many owner bring their dog to sea beach, which is a good place to consider.

Hello there Animir !

Regarding your questions i am unsure of whether you have found yourself a suitable unit for your stay yet however i would still be giving you some of my suggestions and i certainly hope they would be of help!

D19(Sengkang) - The Luxurie. Newly constructed condo which is located between Punggol park and Sengkang Riverside Park. It is also pretty close to NEX shopping mall which has a dog play park located at its roof level!

D20(Bishan) - Clover By The Park. Condo that was completed in year 2011, Relatively new as well. Located between Bishan Active Park and Ang Mo Kio Park. Would be nice to take a jog with your furry friend from time to time !

Hope my posts answers to your questions ! Enjoy your stay in singapore!

Hi Marcus, thanks for your answer.
I didn't move to SGP yet.
But still plan to do it in the future so your advices are welcome.

Hi Animir,

You are most welcome !

However do note that there are some restrictions regarding tenancies in Singapore properties.

Do look up for an estate professional to ensure you do not lose out in lease terms due to "Market Practice" and also to ensure a smooth tenancy throughout with somebody to follow up with the terms of the agreements .

Marcus Ang

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