owning a small cafe or supermarket

Okay so what about owning a small cafe or supermarket how much it can cost in $?

You can not make any money with a cafe but a supermarket is a great idea!!!! it depends of course how big it is

have no idea what it will cost but i guess not a small amount

how much do you think u will need

Well from the search I saw some supermarkets between 30k to 50k $ well I don't know if that's true or no, but is that an enough amount to buy a supermarket it's around 23 to 40 sqM
And by owning that supermarket me and my husband are we legally staying in Georgia and will get the PR or no ?

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Sara, sorry I dont know if you get the legal status owning the supermarket, may be somone else can tell here

30k to 50k $ ! that kind of money you say you want to buy a place ? how about the product? I dont think it is enough for both, you need to make choices, why dont you hire a place first then you will see how it goes, sorry but i have no idea if the amount is enough for products...of course it depends how big you make it but i have no idea where you buy products in Georgia or somewhere else?

hello sara...

i was just going through your post...my name is asfandyar. . i am from muscat, sultanate of Oman...thinking to move on to Georgia...have u already moved or in planning stage..
i can be reached on whts app ***...
i also do have questions,,..

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it"s a good idea

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