SIN Entry Requirements / one way ticket

Dear fellow expats,

I am a German citizen, have bought a ticket to Singapore 23.02.16 - one way - and have applied for a working Holiday Visa so far because although i already have gotten me job interviews - i do not have an employer contract yet.
I plan to stay in Singapore longterm. Now i have read that i need a return ticket to even be allowed into the country with just a tourist or working holiday visa.
I don't really know yet where and when I want to go after Singapore if i can not find me a satisfying job (that's worst case anyway).
Are there any other solutions than having an onward ticket? I have found one but that strikes me as plan c rather than a or b.
"We ended up buying a fully refundable return flight on the spot ($2K each), which we quickly cancelled when we arrived in Singapore. It was frustrating, and we were lucky to still catch the flight."
i once listened someone seaking about "round tickets" where you hop of somewhere and then enter again but that also sounds still confusing to me.
I am very grateful for every other solution or more information. :)

I am not sure if the requirement for an onwards ticket applies to the WHV as well - you might want to ask the Singapore embassy about it.
But even for a normal tourist visa (SVP or visa on entry), where it does apply, this is rarely ever asked for, especially from Europeans.
And even if they ask, you can tell them you intend to exit to Malaysia by bus and travel around Southeast Asia after your stint in Singapore.

Thank you for you heplp!

I have asked the Singapore embassy now and will wait what they tell me. :)

I am just scared, that the airline will not accept the "exit to Malaysia" story and i won't

be able to board the plane or have to get a ticket to another place last minute.

Then also ask the airline for their requirements! (You are right that these sometimes differ from immigration rules.)

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