Stay in Morocco? or, Discover Algeria?

Hi, I am 30 years old, female, korean.

Now, I am living in Morocco for working.  Now, it has been 1 years in Morocco.
Living alone as a female in Morocco is not very difficult.

These days, My company ask me to chose the option.
1. Go to Algeria to discover ( and live 1 year)
2. Stay in Morocco. ( and live 1 year more.)

I traveld all over the Morocco still now,
so if I stay one more year in Morocco, I think it is going to be so bored.
I am considering to go to Alger.

But, most of my friends and coworkers told me not to go there.
As a single asian girl, it would be very danger and hard to live.

Can you give me some idea?
How really is it like?

Is there any women who lives alone?
Can you give me some advice and experience?

Thanks .

Hello roekfqhd,
Well I think Morocco has a much more open border policy,lots of foreigners and tourists there,much easier to live alone as a female,Algeria has a very more less liberal here with my Algerian husband and family is fine but I wouldn't come here alone as a single woman,don't get me wrong Algeria has definitely changed over the last 10yrs,for the better,depends where you live as well,I live in Hydra,which has a high volume of embassies and foreign companies,but there are areas I would not wish to live and definitely not alone as a foreign woman..