New to this board but have visited Ecuador 7 times since 2010 and dated an Ecuadorian woman for about a year.  Always enjoyed my trips and looking to come back again in 2016.

Will be returning to Ecuador in April or May to visit my friends and explore several business ideas I've been considering.  I have a few ideas based on observations from my earlier travels. 

I've been toying with www.dutycalculator.com.  Does anyone know if this website it up-to-date to reflect the most recent tariff increases?  Is there anyone on this site that imports products for resale in Ecuador?

Looking forward to learning more and meeting some new folks.


This is kinda a duplicate post...sorry!  Got an error message first time and then reposted another simiar "Hello".

Am curious if anyone is familiar with the Duty Calculator website.  Its run by Pitney Bowes, so it should be accurate, but still might not have must current tariff changes.


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