How to make Invitation for European getting vnmese Visa


I want to make an Invitation to get the Vietnamese Visa for my friend from Europe. He will stay for 3 months.

Any body know how. Plz help!

Hi Ngoc,

It is pretty simple. You just need to get a visa approval letter for him so that he can take it with him to Vietnam airport. There, he will get stamped visa and it is called visa upon arrival. I am working about this, contact me if you need any further information.

Thanks Suzan. And do u know how much my friend has to pay at the airport?

For single entry he pays $ 25 US and it is $ 50 US for multiple entry.

Hi Ngoc,
You can simply ask sinhtourist for visa sponsored letter. You can check in sinhtourist for the letter price.  Later in the airport your friend should bring the letter (print), fill a form, and submit a photo. Then the counter will ask ur friend to sit and wait. When the counter call ur friend name, ur friend should go to cashier and pay visa fee. He do it at the visa landed counter. Good luck.

Note: visa 3 month:  single USD 25, multiple usd 50

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