Looking for friends/coffee mates to know about Singapore

I will be having a short stay in Singapore  :cool:
Around February  20 .
Will stay the full day in Singapore , hopefully looking to know people so they can help me around :D

Where to go , what to see ?

If someone is interested to meet over coffee and show me around , that'd be great .

Tariq  :gloria

Hey there Tariq :)

Looking forward to welcoming you to Singapore :)

Maybe you can share what you are more interested in seeing in Singapore?
For example, if you are more interested in going to the Beach, you can head to Sentosa which may take up the whole day though :P
If you want to shop, I suggest you head down to Orchard and so on.

Maybe you can share what you are interested in, so I can suggest something you can do in a day or so. :)

Hey Khadija, 

Thanks for the reply.

True that the beach would take a whole day. 
But I'd rather just drop by the beach for a few minutes, click some pictures and go away :P

I wanna see the underwater world,  and also spend time around Singapore Flyer.

How's the public transport in Singapore?
I'll be landing at Changi,  so how do I reach the city center? 

One more thing,  I have to cross into Johor Bahru (Malaysia) as I have a flight from there to Kuala Lumpur.

So how's the transportation on the Causeway? 

I'll be happy if you can help me out.

Hey Tariq , 

No worries.

Well Sentosa is where the underwater world is. Therefore, you can actually head to sentosa, its where a lot of activities happen. You may check the link :


After that you can take public transport and head to the Singapore Flyer, its about 15 mins via cab and about 27 odd minutes via train :)

Well there is a direct train available at the airport and you can take that to get off where you wish to.

Crossing to Johor Bahru (Malaysia) , well if you have to cross over to Johor, it really depends which day you travel there, as weekends due to the traffic Jams it may take way longer than usual.

Otherwise, you can also book a direct bus to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore, its up to you :)


Hi Tariq,

Judging by how busy your schedule appears to be, you probably will not be able to see much of Singapore. I used to commute frequently to JB and the fastest from Singapore city centre to JB using MRT/bus would probably take about an hour for you to reach JB customs and during peaks like Friday nights or right before public holidays  it can take up to 3-4 hours. Using a taxi will only probably shorten the duration by about 15-20 minutes maximum.

Public transport is fairly convenient. Taxis are abundant and relatively cheap. Uber works very well in Singapore and most of the time works out to be much cheaper than the average taxi or comparatively cheaper than its contending app Grabtaxi.

If you have approximately 8-10 hours to spare before heading over to JB then Underwater World would be perfect to visit. Otherwise, you may find it to be too rushed. For most of the Sentosa attractions, purchasing tickets online is normally cheaper. I have not been to the Underwater World so I do not know if there is a difference but you may want to check out their website.

To get to SEA aquarium from Changi:
1. Purchase ticket from MRT ticketing booth and select Harbourfront Station as your alighting station
2. Take the Green Line MRT towards Joo Koon
3. Get off at Outram Park Station
4. Take the Purple Line MRT towards Harbourfront Station
5. Get off at Harbourfront Station
6. http://www.underwaterworld.com.sg/plan- … tions.html

Bus fare: S$2
MRT fares: ~S$2-S$2.50 depending on whether it is peak hours

I would not suggest the zoo, beach or Orchard strip of malls since your time is limited and you clearly stated your interests. Good luck and enjoy your time in Singapore! If you have any further questions you can PM me.

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