New members of the Scotland forum, introduce yourself here – 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the Scotland forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Scotland if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Greetings, everyone.  My name is Gia, and I'm hoping to move to Scotland by the end of the year.  I've lived in the US all of my life, but when I was stationed in Germany I traveled through Europe, and I still miss it.  Scotland was my favorite stop, although I loved many other European countries.  I live in a historic home in the historic town of Tombstone, and want to move to a place equally steeped in history. I am currently a military instructor on (heh heh) historic Fort Hauchuca.  It's great to be here. Hope I meet plenty of people who I can beg answers from about Scotland.

Hi friends! I was here last year and was gone and now Im back in Scotland and moved here for good. Hope to hear from u all! Cheers

hi everyone my name is tatiana I'm from colombia and I moved to Scotland 4 months ago, it'd be nice to make some friends or just meet new people I can talk to.. cheers

Hi there thanks for your message I would be please to get to know you as wells its my pleasure

Hi everyone,my name is Chausa  a Tanzanian,i wish to shift to Scotland this year.Iam looking for friends ,thanks

Whereabouts are you staying?

I've found Scottish people to be very friendly - much more so than English.  Make sure you pack a lot of warm clothes - the weather here is very cold and grey (I come from a hot country, and I've been in the UK over 30 years, so trust me on this!)

Hi everyone,

Me and my family were born and raised in South Africa.  My mom and grandparents were born in Scotland and we've made the decision to pack up and move there.  Although the excitement is incredible, there just seems to be so much red tape and I'm not really sure where to begin.

I qualify for an Ancestral Visa and with the sale of our home in South Africa we will be able to afford to finally make the move.  My biggest concern is getting the whole Visa application thing done.  There are so many agencies online offering assistance and a person never knows if they are honest or not. 

I would love to hear from other expats who made the move from South Africa.  Which agency did you use or was it possible to do this all "DIY" style?

Looking forward to getting to know you all on our new and exciting journey!

Hi All, how's it going?

I am from Melbourne, currently negotiating with a company in Glasgow, and if successful will move in Sept 2016. So far, I've only heard good things about the place (except the every cold weather!).

I would appreciate any info regarding living in Scotland starting from households, careers, best places to visit, weather, things we must have before we go there, jobs, cost of living, best area in Glasgow to live etc.

Feel free to add me fellas!


Hi Alicia,

our ancestry visas was approved today.  We are looking to move to Edinburgh in 3 weeks. We used Britbound.  A lady there called Sarah was extremely helpful.  If you send me an email I will send you my phone number. 
Good luck!

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Hello!  My name is Lillian, I moved from Canada to Paris in 2013 and just moved to Aberdeen last week.  Just trying to get used to this way of life and adapting to the weather. 
I write a blog where I share my expat journey as an expat wife and all our travels. 


We're currently in North Carolina in the US; I'm a US citizen and my better half is a UK citizen. He wants to move back home closer to the rest of his family in Scotland, and I really like it and feel more at home there than here. So the plan in progress is to continue upgrading our house and use the money from selling it to move on. I'm looking forward to not being baked by temps in the 90s and 100s for 4-5 months out of the year, being able to go to several Neolithic/Iron/Bronze Age sites that are on my Bucket List, and living in a smaller global neighborhood, so to speak.

Have an easy day, folks ;0)

hii  miss  tatiana  my  name its  andres  i,m  also  colombian  and  i,m  planing  to  move  to   scotland  ,n, will  like  to  made  new  friends overthere  someone  to talk  too  u  know :)   bye bye,,,

Hello there everyone!  :)
I am a brazilian who want to move to Glasgow. I was visiting the city in May 2016. I collected all the informations I could gather. But really? Seems impossible to move!!
If you take a look in my profile, you can see my reasons to move and what I did till now. I am looking for someone who can help me. Thank you!  :top:

Good luck!

Hi all, I'm from Australia hoping to acquire a Ancestry visa and take my hubbie and kids to Scotland next year around June (weather will be ok for my hubbie at that time :) ease him into the cold weather..he hates it but anyway yes I know what you're all thinking haha) he will adjust hopefully. My grandaddy was from Fife so keen to look at that area to move to (fingers crossed we get the visa)..any feedback on work and schools would be greatly appreciated..need a highschool and primary school recommendation...keen to be in a country area as we are not really city folk... anyone who has applied for this visa with dependents and done it yourself can you give me any advice  as well pls..TIA

Aloha from Orkney, My name is Claire. I am finally here.  I'm a writer, plus other things, so here goes :)

It was my dream for 2 years.
I saved all the money to come visit Skara Brae in Orkney, & then
lost my job for illegal reasons.

Over the next six months, I spent all the "Scotland-Trip Savings" fighting in court with the Multi-millionaires' lawyers, defending my sweet honest self, as they all lied, after they fired me for standing up against their abuses & illegal activities; disrespecting our community, The Maui Permaculture Network (MPN), and our team of 16 dear friends/employees, and myself.

Well, their money won them all their lies, and lost them me! Happy me!
I was down to negative .82 cents, and I started praying for faith, and for faith to be stronger than my false faith in money as the only answer, and numbing my fear with food, and that's when the miracles started POURING in.

Long lovely story, best saved for a  story or a song I will write & sing.

I am so grateful I learned how strong I am, how to discern criminals with big smiles and piles of money, and how to establish that my heart knows everything in every moment to enjoy life -- fully! I love Orkney. I knew I would not want to leave once I came here.
I had never been here before.    I was right to trust my instincts.

As it turns out, I have 9 generations, I have found so far, from Orkney mainland, a 202-sq. mile island, the biggest of all 70, of which only 20 are occupied by humans...& tons of farm creatures. 

My ancestors called me Home. There is an amazing Family History Research Library in Kirkwall, Orkney! My father is Scottish, his father was the doctor for Shetland from around the late 1800's I think, and they went home to Edinburgh, Scotland when  my father was age 2, in 1921. Dr. Charles William Graham is still talked about in Lerwick, Shetland where my dad was born in 1919, I just learned.

Now, I am here, in Orkney -- way up in the northern-most waters off mainland Scotland, in what used to be Norway's capital*** -- some time, crazy long-ago -- asking for any help towards my most simple, gentle, efficient and free way to stay in Orkney forever, even if it means going home to my other homes on earth for long visits & work each year:
Maui, Hawaii, past ten years,
New York City, 7 years,
Sydney, & around Australia, 17 times,
New Zealand, Heaven to me, &
Topanga & Ojai, California, where I was born.

I welcome any questions I can assist with, and guidance on how to become a dual citizen of the UK. I have a new USA passport. I am interested in moving here legally and freely.

I know, "Impossible!", you may think.

I was told by UK's Citizen's Advice Bureau to hire a lawyer. This is not an option for me. ...And that the application is US$1,500., plus lawyer fees for maybe another US$500.

Then when I asked about DIY-style, which I love, & hate, I was told the UK will keep my application fee of $1,500., even if I use the wrong application form, making it impossible to DIY with joy in my heart.

Thanks for any insights and for sharing your love in Scotland.
Love makes the weather sunny all the time!

Aloha, Claire

"***...the Orkney islands have been inhabited for at least 8,500 years, originally occupied by Mesolithic and Neolithic tribes and then by the Picts. Orkney was invaded and forcibly annexed by Norway in 875 and settled by the Norse. The Scottish Parliament then re-annexed the earldom to the Scottish Crown in 1472..." from:

Good luck!

Orkney is amazing - Brodgar and Stenness, especially the Ness, are high up close to the top on my Bucket List after we relocate  ;0)

nice  to  read   about  your  fantastic stories  miss  claire  my  name  its  andrew   n  im,  from   colombia  departing   very  soon  to  europe  hope  to  have  a  nice  trip  full  of  joy  happiness  n  a   hold   bounch of   new  friends        i  speak english n  spanish    its  been  a  pleasure to  meet  u  god  bless u miss  claire  att  friendlyandy   chaoo    been  to  new york  city  too        bye

hey  chausa  how r  you  my  name its  andrew  i,m    from  colombia  an  a  moving  to  scotland  soon  seeking  to  made  new  friends

Visitou? Mudou para cá?

Hi All!!!

I am Brazilian and moved with my family (two kids) to Glasgow January 2016. Anyone looking for new friends is welcome to get in touch!!!


Hello everyone!

Since that I am new around here, I guess that I have to give a brief intro about me! Well, I am Brazilian but, I have lived a great part of my life in the US, however, about 5 years ago I moved back to Brazil.

I thought that by returning to Brazil, I would in my career even more, however, that wasn´t what happened, so, now I´m ready for new challenges and Scotland is one of those countries that I´ve been dreaming to move to since my early years.

Well, I am granduated in Business Administration in Finance, Businesses and Accounting and MBA in Global Management. I have over 20 years of leadership experiences and, I am ready to face new challenges.

I hope to hear some good news from you all and maybe some help to become this dream come true!

Hugs to all of you!

Hi !
I m Emma, actually i live in France, in Toulouse.
I m 23 years old, i was car mechanic and now i m working in a car crusher like car's pieces saleswoman.
I m planning to move in Scotland, i hope in Glasgow... I search to meet expats to talk about it...
I've 2 dogs, and i want to move with them... And i m not afraid by any jobs.

I ve travelling a lot in UK , Germany, Greece, Italy, Cuba...etc. 13 countrys like hitchhiker...! But i never go live in an other country for a long time.

I m loving meet people, drink beer, walking with my dogs...etc

I hope i will have some advice, and why not some futures neighbours...!!

And finally, sorry for my english ;)

Morning everyone!

I'm Lisa, I come from Greece and I'm living and working in Edinburgh over 2 years now.
I finally received a good job offer in Glasgow which I acceted and I am moving there in January.

It would be nice to meet some new people as I don't know anyone there and also maybe get some advice about living there.

Good luck to you all!  :)


I'm JP, 30 years old from Philippines, currently working as a Reports Analysts for a Financial services company in the Metropolitan area of the Philippines. I am planning to work and live in Scotland as I fell in love with the scenery, rich culture, cityscape and oceanic climate of this beautiful land.

I am currently looking for job opportunities in Scotland and hopefully find one that fits my expertise in order for me to start a new chapter in life.

Looking forward to meet new people here and good luck to us all :)

I am interested in finding a Stores related job in Scotland.
Am a Diploma member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply

Hi everyone happy new year
                 My name is mandi n im looking for sone advice plz my boyfriend lives in morocco we met online we video chat everyday he wants to come to britain to live wirh me how do i go about finding out how to get hin into britain kind regards
ps any advice wud b appreciated xx

mandi easton :

Hi everyone happy new year
                 My name is mandi n im looking for sone advice plz my boyfriend lives in morocco we met online we video chat everyday he wants to come to britain to live wirh me how do i go about finding out how to get hin into britain kind regards
ps any advice wud b appreciated xx

Hi Mandi and welcome to the Forum. :)

You can't do much to help him get into the country; he has to be able to do this all by himself.  First off, I'd direct you/him to the top of this page and to read the Handy Tools expat guide on moving to the UK.

Once you've read it, if you have any specific questions please come back to us.

My opinion; unless your friend has independent financial means, or fits into one of the skill shortage categories, it will be hard, if not impossible for him to come to the UK to live.

I wish you the best of luck in this.

Hi :). My husband and i are moving to Scotland this year, and are looking at Inverness. Is this a good option? What is the safety like? Travel, cost of living etc? Any advice is appreciated.
Many Thanks, Tarryn

TarrynKim85 :

Hi :). My husband and i are moving to Scotland this year, and are looking at Inverness. Is this a good option? What is the safety like? Travel, cost of living etc? Any advice is appreciated.
Many Thanks, Tarryn

Hi Tarryn,

Welcome to the forum. :)

With regards to your questions; you ask if it's "a good option" - my answer is "in comparison to what"?

I've been there a few times on business; it's a beautiful part of Northern Scotland.  If I was asked to describe it, it's remote - miles from anywhere, that is quite often cut off from the rest of Scotland, in the winter.  It has an airport and a train station, schools and a thriving centre.  Crime is not really an issue there, cost of living - check out the Numbeo website.  You can live there, but why choose it above anywhere else in the UK?  The only positive I can think of is it's handy for skiing.

I'm assuming you and your husband either have a UK/EEA passport to get into the UK, or have already taken care of the immigration (visa/permits) aspect of your journey.  If not, at the top of this page is a link to our Handy Tools section, where you can check out our expat guides that will help you with that and other questions you may have.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for taking the time to respond, much appreciated. We are from South Africa, and are looking for a peaceful, countryside place to start afresh. My husband is an EU national who has lived in South Africa all his life. I lived in London for a while about 12yrs ago. Scotland caught our attention because of the beauty, history and friendliness. Inverness is so beautiful and we really need beauty in our lives :) We initially looked at Edinburgh, but find its too expensive; based on rentals advertised. We are also looking at places who will accept us with our 3 cats, because we have worked hard to get them rehabilitated after rescuing them from abuse, and cant bare the thought of leaving them behind; they're family :).  Basically we want to know if Inverness is a better option in comparison to Edinburgh and its surrounding suburbs, or if it best we go to London surrounds. Scotland has just caught our attention with its beauty etc. We have friends in Glasgow and they are so happy and love Scotland. We just need guidance regarding the best place in Scotland to start afresh.
Many thanks.

Hi Tarryn,

Inverness is nice (a lot of Scotland is nice), it's a bit cheaper than Edinburgh (average house prices about £10k cheaper).  I can't think of any reason not to move there.

Depends what you're looking for; but you say you've already looked at prices and I guess you came up with Inverness based on that.

In general, Scotland is colder than further south, the west coast is wetter than the east coast.

I'd recommend you use something like AirBnB and find something you can rent short-term; to make sure you like it before you make the big decision.

How about work?

Thank you so much for all the info. We will both be looking for work. Both of us would prefer admin work, but will take what we can :)

Thank you again for your time and advice


TarrynKim85 :

Thank you so much for all the info. We will both be looking for work. Both of us would prefer admin work, but will take what we can :)

Thank you again for your time and advice


No problem; then unless you have any further questions, I guess we are done.

Best of luck in your journey. :)


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