Planning for import business here in SG

Hello guys,

I need your help!  my friend in the philippines and me is planning to do import business here in singapore.  we want to send fruits  from the philippines and find a buyer here in singapore. 
How is this going to be possible?
any requirements needed from mom?
do i need to have a permit from mom or something? or the business permit of the buyer is enough already? 
pls. give me your advise...



1. You need to register a business in Singapore to import goods. Check the ACRA webpage on how to do this. A business incorporation service provider is often handy in such cases - check Rikvin or Hawksford!
(An alternative would be to run the business entirely from abroad and let the buyers import them into Singapore.)
2. If you have registered a business and want to stay in Singapore to run it you need an EntrePass (only if you are not Singapore citizen or PR). The criteria are difficult to meet, but if you can, apply for it at MoM.
3. To import foodstuff, you need to meet stringent hygiene and sanitary standards - and get certified. Contact AVA about this: … od-imports

Oh, I forgot to mention:
If you are currently working in Singapore on a work pass (WP, S-Pass, EP), you must first resign from that job and cancel the pass - it is not allowed to do any business (or work for any other than the employer mentioned on your pass) while on a work pass.

Thanks beppi for the very helpful advise....

Hello nickson,

thank you for your interest. indeed, we are really looking for somebody here  who can help us with our plan.  My supplier friend and my wife from Philippines and I will also be interested to be doing partnership with you...

Our fruits from Philippines especially from Davao are really good export quality, Davao has a large areas of fruit farms for exporting  like banana, pineaple and others... we are really looking forward to do this business here....

I mean, we are also interested of engaging you in the plan. So Nickson what sort of help do you have?

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