Anyone in Innsbruck?


I live in Innsbruck with my husband, who is from Innsbruck. We have been here since February 2010, we moved for family reasons.

I am from Melbourne, Australia, and would be interested in meeting other English speakers in Innsbruck.

I need to learn German - I want to, but also have to for my visa! So far I have found it harder than I expected (although my husband says I'm good, but he has to say that!).

I've been here for a while now, and figure it's time to try and make some contacts!

If you're interested in meeting up, let me know!


Welcome to the forum mrs_schnitzel :)

Have you tried the Austria expat network page. Its ideal for friendships and networking.

Concerning learning German language, you can tried to post an advert on Austria Classified Page Category>Community. This might help you as well.


Hi Bronny!

I am not from Australia, but I am currently living in Innsbruck. As I am from the Netherlands, I did learn some Deutsch in high school, but I find it quite hard to speak it all the time! English is much easier, in my humble opinion! I moved here with my husband, who has a job at the university here. Maybe we can team up, learn some Deutsch togheter over coffee?

Auf wiederhoren ;)

High Mrs.Schnitzel!
Is this your true name? I guess not! I always like to get in contact with people from all over the world! It is interesting.
I have been living in Austria for two years now .I came here directly from Jerusalem where I had been living for 14 years.
I love it here! I live in the Zillervalley,in Schlitters.
If you want to contact me write to:
or call: 0664 321 87 95
God bless you!!!
Judith B.Bachmann

Hi Marcrocosm,

Welcome to Innsbruck then!
As I do not have a job here and am not looking for one, I have no advice to offer you. Maybe someone else?

Hi macrocosm,

You should post an advert under Austria classifieds > job section.

Thank you and good luck

Hi Bronny, welcome on Expat-blog! :) I hope you get some nice contacts on the site.

I wish you good luck

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