Finding Medical Care in Athens

My wife and I would like to retire in Athens, but she is disabled (no trouble moving around) and needs regular health care and medications. How can we find an English-speaking physician or clinic? Are medications routinely available?

Well Im flabagasted Johny,I almost wrote a book telling you just about everything for the suburbs of Athens and loads and loads about medical care,costs etc..and drugs for your wife,I private messaged you because I had so much information for you(very very kind of me)and still you look for more,Ive been here 26 years and if I dont know then I hope someone out there does for you,best of luck to you.

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It would be great if you could share the information that may be helpful to others on the forum. I invite you to please post the information about the medical care in Athens on this thread itself.

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hello can you please send me the information of the doctors and centers i  would be very greatful thank you john dimitropoulos ***

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If you're Canadian, go to the Canadian Embassy on Gennadiou Street in Kolonaki and they'll give you an extensive list of doctors and dentists. I suspect most of the other embassies have similar lists.

Hello,if you could be more specific on your requirements because medical care is a minefield,I can suggest to you doctors,surgeons,a great GP but he doesnt speak English,most doctors here specialise and its a little difficult to find a GP but they are in most suburbs.I have doctors/surgeons who live as far out as Megara but work in posh hospitals in Athens,their own evening clinic is a far lower price per visit in Megara, I was passing through Megara from my cottage one Sunday morning with small shreds of glass in my foot,we phoned our doctor surgeon there who teaches at Athens university and he left his home and drove ten minutes to his clinic and took it out for me for fifty euro but I called him out from home and I didnt want to sit hours in the A&E so I paid.We have also an ear nose and throat specialist there too,and an orthopedic consultant surgeon,I just had my right foot bunion done with him.We just had a check up colonoscopy and my husband had an endoscopy for the stomach at the same time.I now know where to go for certain MRI type scan tests where you go in a tunnel and Im claustraphobic so I found in Hithari a clinic that is somewhat more helpful with this and the guy was calm and we managed to turn my head so that I could see out the back end where my husband was sitting,it was about twenty minutes and when I came out the receptionists all shouted..Yes..we had a laugh.Also everyone should know that there is a way to get rid of Barretts Osopheogus (spelling)its called The Hallo,it is done privately as IKA wont pay but I think the UK health service does works like a toaster and takes off the top layer of damaged cells,it was 5.000 euro a while back,dont know now,a lot of money but Barretts is a very serious thing and I had it with 3 monthly endoscopys,very stressful.I have gastric specialists and a team of amazing general surgeons working privately.All of the medical people and clinics I use or have used I use because of their ability and their very good character,some clinics have better quality scanning machines,I also have on my list a very fine cosmetic surgeon.I guess Im the old car going in for service,I had my eyes lasered so as to throw away the glasses,only for reading.You can do a lot of self help here,have regular checks which dont cost much,like ultra sound,look at you kidneys,liver,gall bladder etc.catch something before it explodes ha,not funny!I just had my gall bladder removed,I knew I had stones and the doctors told me to remove the bladder,I thought with diet,no fats I could halt it but I was wrong,I lost half my body weight as I had almost stopped eating,the bladder was massive inflamed as well as all the guts,I was in Thriasio hospital emergency for four days and after ten days I had it removed privately under my husbands work place insurance,the stones were huge,I nearly died,it was with open surgery as I had had previous abdominal surgery and you get usually adhesions afterwards which means its dangerous for laporoscopy,the only way is open surgery,I actually prefer it as I believe they can see properly and can be sure to not leave anything behind.So you see its a minefield,if I can help anyone Im happy to do so with information,where to go,doctors etc,we had our endoscopies,colonoscopies done at the navy hospital with my private doctor but they do take IKA I believe or part IKA.

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