French Teacher? Driver who speaks english?

I'm slowly getting settled in Tunis. Anyone know a nice french teacher? someone who speaks english of course.
also, im looking for a driver, preferably who can understand english well.

Hi Gabi,

In order to find a teacher, i invite you to post an ad in the  Language classes in Tunis section as it might help you.

Also note that you can post an ad in the Jobs in Tunis > personal driver section if you are looking to recruit a driver.

How do you find Tunis so far? :)

Thank you,

Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi Gabi,

I think it' sur gonna be a challenge to fins à driver who speaks english, cause usuelle, they don't have advanced school levels, but it's not impossible to find. I know a taxi driver who wants to change à job and be a personnal driver.

For french teachers, you have a lot of options. You can either join a language insitute like Bourguiba school, or just talk with everybody :) your french will improve quickly cause you will practice it every day!

Welcome Gabi - why do you need a driver?  It's not really normal here unless your company provides one for you.  The taxis are cheap and can take you where you want to go.  If you want to travel further then I suggest you take louages which are cheap and leave very regularly.  Happy to provide more information if you want.

Hello Gabi,

I speak English very well, I can be your driver if you wish. Where are you located? Tunis?
Please contact me by email for further info: ***


Khaled Essaidi

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Hello kaki1956,

Welcome to

It would be great if you could have introduce yourself.

We always encourage new members to introduce themselves on their first post.

Furthermore if you are looking for a driver job, I invite you to post an advert in the Jobs in Tunis.

This section may be helpful to you.

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Hello Gabi

I know a driver called Hatem, who lives in Tunis. He has experience driving Diplomats within the country.
He can gives you a great deal on cars,too.

Kind regards

Hey i know some french teachers who can help n i also can find u a driver who speaks english of course

If you need a driver in NY  i may help , french, and english speaking  :-) , just came back from tunisia
where om originally from ,Good luck

Hey. Just seen your post . I'm qualified  driver . Had defensive driving skilles. I'm based in sfax city.  If you still interested  let me know . **** Marwen .

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Hi Ya ! Don't know if you've found your teacher, but am native French and can give you some lessons.
Send a PM.
See ya !

Hi Gaby
If you need to learn french, I can help to learn both french or english.

Hi Gabi
Are you still interested in finding an english speaking driver ?
I believe i'd be the perfect guy for the job.
Please contact me in case you are still in need.

[at] Sami Helali  >

This topic is from 2015 meaning that it is now outdated. ;)
I invite you to post your job search in the jobs in Tunis > personal driver section, it might help you.


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