Anyone interested in fishing?

I am trying to make a group of friends who are interested in fishing. We a can choose venues eg Jeddah, Dammam, Khobar , Bahrain etc. Those interested please contact me

Yes , I am interested in fishing. I would very much like to join your group. I know some places for fishing in Western province.

Sure. Where in western province are you?

well, I live now in Riyadh. I used to live in Alkhober city.


I used to go fishing quite regularly is South Africa. Are you planning a fishing trip?



Awesome! your trip to South Africa, But i prefer fishing in side Saudi Arabia.

best regards

I lived in Al Khobar for 2 and half years there are beautiful places for fishing but I couldnt anyone to join me so I delayed until now.
Now I just moved to Riyadh 1 week ago and I will work here! I will miss khobar but I would like to join you guys for fishing :)) Or other activities :)

I am Turkish and I love to do best TURKISH KEBAP AND BBQ so go ahead lets we do it!!



i am in for jeddah, khobar, dammam and jubail. :)


please let me know when you start. Me and hubby would be joining you for sure


Seems an old thread!

khobar would be great

Hi Waldoc,
Just joined the expat group and saw your post about making a fishing group.
If you're still around and doing that, I'd be delighted to join you.

Thank you


Please post details if there are fishing trips in Jeddah. Looking for forward for a deep-sea fishing trip with family.

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