apartments with stove/oven?

Hi I'm a Canadian expat that has taught English and Art in Czech Republic, Turkey and Germany. I'm moving to Saigon in 2 weeks and I was wondering if anyone else has encountered the problem that the majority of the flats seem to only have hotplates, instead of a stove and oven.
I'm wondering if there are certain districts that are more likely to have a stove and oven or if I would have to just rent a house upon arrival?
Thanks in advance!

Hey girl...I'm have 1 nice apartment with 2 room in D2...Full ever things.. just coming and stay the  price is 1200$ per months including intenet and free gym and swimming pool...If you are interesting to see the apartment let me know...* KIM

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You will find District 2 is more likely to have apartments with real ovens. The other solution which we had whilst living in Hanoi was to buy a large table top oven. It really depends on how often you would use an oven. When we moved to Saigon we negotiated for the owner to provide one. This has certainly inspired my wife to learn the art of cake making!

google Gasmate Stove top oven, this a folding compact oven and requires a double burner stove,

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