Uk expat wants to learn Arabic. Where, when, how?

Hi Beautiful people on,

I live in Riyadh exit 7. I am an English Teacher. Fun, articulate and witty, gosh I'm modest...haha!

On a serious note, I am looking to learn Arabic could you kindly recommend a course/place where they teach Levantine Arabic (Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine).  I heard that it is the most similar to Modern Standard Arabic.

I know that I will have to practice on my pronunciation, its tough exploring parts of my vocals I have never used or knew existed...;). I Would prefer to learn lebanese Arabic as I am somewhat familiar with it, and  admire some of the music, though I like a broad range of Arabic music not just lebanese. I'm taking baby steps as you might be able to tell. I would like to learn reading, writing and speaking.

"When in Rome do like the Romans do". Any help would be great,

Thank you,

Hello Selena,

Thank you for your introduction  :)

You could browse through the Language classes in Riyadh section of the website so that to check if there are any members offering arabic course or even drop your own advert.

Otherwise, there are some Language institutions in Riyadh  listed in the business directory.

All the best

Good afternoon,,  how are you?  I hope you're fine. I am a saudi teacher but not an Arabic teacher. I am an autism and mental retardation teacher. I am an Arabic native speaker. I know all the Arabic dialects... I've learned English on my own, so I know what learners need.. of course as an English teacher you would help me improve my English too. Right?.. Here is my advice.. Never ever attend any Formal Arabic courses, stay away from Arabic language schools.. Real Arabic is very very different, no relation between what you take at schools and what you hear outside. Schools only need your money. Choose the right way for you to contact me.. You want whatsapp? or I can come to your place to teach you and your family together. It's going to be very fun. Why I do that? Actually not for free. You're going to help me to communicate with English native speakers in real situations. Don't worry I don't ask for teaching. All I need is to speak with a native speaker. The whole time will be yours to learn Arabic. Again, Don't waste your money buying Arabic textbooks from bookstores, you will get nothing. Because that Arabic will help you only read Academic books not to speak real Arabic in real life situations. Finally, sorry for my poor English and have a nice day. I'm looking forward to your reply.

Hello there,I am a native Arabic, my advise is to never go to any formal course at any school to learn arabic. Instead find someone interesting to talk to and practice with ( can teach you how to speak). I know people who started to practice with native speaker and they are now great. If you ever needs help don't hesitate to contact me ☺

My name is Orville Gardener and I am English expat working for the department that deals with elite performance at the Saudi Olympic Committee in Riyadh.  My colleagues and I are looking for a qualified individual to teach us Arabic three hours each week. The individual would be required to come into the workplace and as our team is undergoing significant expansion, there could be plenty of work for a teacher in the future.


Thanks for your message, but Im not an Arabic teacher, Im an English teacher. My ad was enquiring about taking Arabic lessons.

Hope you find an Arabic teacher.



What a strange suggestion from two arab gentlemen 'dont learn the actual arabic language (called fus-ha) but rather learn the slang'.

Why is it strange suggestion from me? It's not a suggestion, it's not. it's the right way to learning modern Arabic. I am an expert in my language and I know what learners need in real life and what they don't. Not as Arabic schools do. They just teach you original Arabic called (fus'ha) that only used in Acadmic institutions or news.  It's the same thing in English too. Textsbooks you get from bookstores or they teach you in schools has nothing with real situations in everyday life.

It all depends on the goals you've thought of by learning Arabic. If you just want to improve casual communication with Arabs, 'slang' is what you have to learn.

I know a lady who learnt fus'ha in her home country; and she learnt it very well. She came to Saudi Arabia and soon her husband found her trying to make milk-tea out of 'Laban'. In fus'ha, 'Laban' is milk; she was right....but sorry, we call it 'Haleeb' here.

hi hope you are fine if you need help to learn arabic just text me

Selena, How did you go with your Arabic? I wont be surprised if you say that you still cant pronounce the KH and the GH haha

At any time I am her to help


I hope I won't sound stupid for asking this.. but may I know how much you charge (if any) for teaching/talking with me in basic Arabic so I get to learn your beautiful language?

Thanks :)

hi Selena how are you I'm enas from Jordan i work in Riyadh if you need i can help you to learn we can practice with each other for free :) contact with me if you want … P85telink' value1='3746077' value='31964'>[link under review] … Q21z00dP85

Hello 👋 Selena
Try to practice with your arabic friends to learning conversation it's soo easy 👍

I also want to learn Arabic

Hi Selena,
        Hope you're well. I'm looking for a place to learn Arabic as well. So since you published this post long ago. If you had found any place  or someone who hosts Arabic classes by now, please let me know.

Thank you in advance. ☺️

For Selena if she still interested or anybody else.

Learning slang Arabic can be done with committed people. Slang can help you in Business , daily life since you are here. People likes to here some Arabic words during conversation.

But learning Original Arabic ( Fusha ) should be through dedicated teacher , who you may find in institute or freelancer teacher.

Learning Arabic Slang will simplify the process for you , though there are some differences.

you can pick up some words when you work with the local, especially the word (Habibi)  :D

I can be your teacher

Hi Selena
I'm learning Arabic online with Syrian accent , NassraArabi is the name , so far very good and I started to speak Arabic with my client and they like my accent ;)) ,If you like you can give it a try.
Good luck

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