Football / Cricket Clubs in Nairobi

Hello All,

Myself and my partner will be arriving in Nairobi mid-January 2016 and I would be keen to find details of any regular social five a side games and 11 a side teams.

I am sure there are lots of ex-pats that get together and play on a weekly basis and I would appreciate any information.

I also play hockey and cricket to an OK standard so if anyone could recommend clubs that could accommodate this with a good social aspect.

Thanks in advance


I have not come across expats regularly gathering for regular social football/cricket, in the same way that you have in the UK, for example.  Amongst other things, there is a lack of suitable open spaces in Nairobi in which to play.   

It doesn't mean that such groups don't exist.  Best of luck in finding one.

Dear Jonathan,

There is a team called BHC cheetahs that play football every week on Wednesdays or Fridays. Please let me know if you still interested and will forward you contacts.

I used to play cricket a while back and the places where you would find the facility and clubs are the Nairobi Club and Nairobi Gymkhana.You can visit the premises and i am sure you will find assistance.Hope this has helped.

Hi Cacaoli,

I am really interested in joining a soccer team in Nairobi - would you be able to forward the contacts for the BHC Cheetahs team?



Hi Cacaoli, can you please share the contact details for the BHC Cheetahs team?



Hi there - really keen to find a group of folks to play football with. Can you send me details of this group? Many thanks!

I am interested in football too. shall be glad to join you.

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