job seeker wth qualification but willing to do any job to survive


i am thinking of moving to singapore. i am an accountant wth 3 years experience but m willing to do any kinda job due to the fact that i come from a third world country  (zimbabwe).. what are the chances o me gettin a job

Dear Obryn,

To be Honest chances are very slim because Singapore Government is tightening the entry for Foreigners and issuing of Work Passes, I am working here for more thank 18 months and applied for new job but my Pass is not yet approved which shows how much difficult it is becoming,
You have very less work experience and i am not sure if your institution from where you studied is recognized by MOM Singapore or not,
Better to look in Europe, Canada or Australia where opportunities are more,
Singapore is a very tiny island and to be frank, Dont expect things to go in favor for you here,

thanx hey for the update. my problem is canada  usa and europe sounds nice but gettin into them is very hard.. m juss lookin fo any country to moce to i guess

Singapore is just a tiny island with population of 5 million + and government has to save locals rights and job opportunities,
Now they only look for talent which they really require so my advise is to go for another country rather than wasting your energy for Singapore

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