Advice on a job offer & daily life. Its urgent!

I am from India, Mumbai. I am an IT professional with around 7 years of experience. I have been offered a job in Singapore and the details are below:
Base sal - 5.8 k
Cash Incentive - Approx 1.2k
AWS - means extra 5.8K at year end
Annual Performance bonus - around 1.5 times of salary
Health insurance n all provided

Initially I would come alone until my husband finds a job here and we have a 4 year old kid. Our lifestyle is simple, cooking will be at home, no personal vehicle (atleast for now). Our initial priority will be saving maximum for few months before we really start going around and enjoy. Accommodation i would be trying for a basic one (for now).

What do you guys think?  What amount would i save when alone? And assuming my husband gets a package equal to mine then how much can we look at to save?

As all inquiries about cost of living, your question is impossible to answer correctly.
How much money you need (and thus how much you save) is entirely up to your spending choices and there is a very wide range of busgets and opinions - read this thread to get an idea:

I personally think (based on my experience and lfestyle), if you come alone the salary will afford you a good lifestyle and savings. Coming with your husband is still possible, but can be tight. With kid it's impossible.

Thanks for your advice.....but one thing is that my husband will also be working so we would be two earning members along with our it wud bit easy right?

As I said, it's impossible to answer your question without knowing the details of your lifestyle, expectations and spending habits. Did you read the thread I linked to?
Of course it is easier with two incomes than with one, even though you'd have to pay for child care.

Yeah had gone through it earlier. Our lifestyle as i mentioned in the post initially will be very simple and basic for the start to make good savings, not much lavish outings and cooking at home. Once we are settled with good savings we can start to spend a bit i guess. Whats your thought on this?

You need to do some research (e.g. in existing threads on this forum) and build your own opinion.
People who are talking about "cooking at home" to save money clearly haven't done so: In Singapore, the cheaper eating out options (hawker centres) cost less than what you'd spend in the supermarket!
In any case, the major cost factors are rent, education (and car, if you want one):
Rent is S$800-1500/month for a sublet room, S$2500-3000/month for a lower class flat, up to S$10000/month for luxury.
Child care is around S$1000-1500/month, local schooling S$500/month (IF you get a place, which isn't easy), international schools S$1500-3000/month.
A car will cost you at least S$1000/month (plus the initial cost of buying one - used cars start at S$20000).
But you could have found that easily by brwosing this forum a bit on your own!

yup i have done the initial research and hence clearly mentioned no personal vehicle for us. cooking is at home because mainly i prefer home cooked food for us especially our kid...i mentioned it because you wanted to know what lifestyle are we aiming at.

In simple, with ur present offered salary, u can save a good amount of money if u stay in sublet/shared unit where u will occupy one room and shared the unit with other tenants. But, if u want take whole HDB flat 2bhk (2+1), which will cost 2200 to 2500 then ur savings will drop drastically.

But as u said once ur hubby comes n work then assume ur hubby too gets a similar package then u can save a good amount of money after sending ur child to Govt school ( private schools r quite costly)

How much u both save, it's all theoratical figure, only you both can tell.

Welcome to Singapore

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