I am currently looking for apartments to rent


I spent sometime in grand bassam this summer. It's where I'm planning to be, most of 7-week stay in Ivory Coast. I am currently looking for apartments to rent. Would you happen to know of any opportunities as such?

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If you are looking for accommodation, i invite you to post an ad in the housing section, it might help you in your search.



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In addition, you can find some apartments to rent in Grand Bassam by connecting the estate agencies located in this city.

To assist members, could you tell us your budget, which type of appartment are you looking, period, ...?

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The time has come and passed. I went to Ivory Coast and came back. I am due out there again in 2 weeks for 3 months. This time, I'd like to rent in Abidjan, preferably Riviera Faya or Koumassi. I'm looking for either a grand studio or a 1-2 bedroom house.

Can we discuss further?

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