Procedure for securing a work permit?

Am from Uganda and in Brussels now.
can anyone help and tell me the procedure for securing a work permit??
Thank you

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Ugandanprinceze, are you a legal resident of Belgium now? Do you have permission to work? You can't just go out and get a work permit, you need to be an official resident of Belgium and you need to have permission to work. What pretense are you here under? Are you a student? In a relationship with a Belgian? There's no direct answer to your question without information.

Here is some info from an American perspective on obtaining work permit for Belgium: … it-in.html

They're from Uganda, it would be waaaaaaaaay different for them than an American.

I am sure you are right Melby. I just thought that someone from the US might look up this topic as well and find it helpful :/

hi! im guillermo and iam in bussels now. does anybody can help 2 fing a way and the permitts 2 work here. tnx

same question - in hope that if i give more details i would get a clearer answer :)
i am from Lebanon, have lived and studied in France on with a student visa for the past couple of years, i no longer have a residency permit for Europe. My life partner is french, currently living with me in Beirut, but we're finding quite hard to stay here and decided to move to Belgium (one of the most tolerant countries we know of). I don't know the procedures to getting a work permit in Belgium, and would appreciate any help on that level. ^_^

Any plans for marriage? It might make things slightly easier... Anyway, since I'm not from Lebanon I can't tell you exactly, things are simpler if you are from the West. You will need a Long stay visa to come here, but since you are not from the west I don't think your visa for residing will also grant you work permission, which might be difficult to obtain, as in that case it is a separate thing you need to do. This page here … /index.jsp talks about obtaining them.

Marriage is on the agenda, but was meant to happen later on, eventually - although from the link you gave me, it might actually be the most viable option (being married to a EU citizen would allow  a type A work permit) - will have to sleep on that one, thanks a lot :)

Yeah for me, it didn't really matter very much, it just made things a tiny bit simpler, but we wanted to anyway, so we did it at the same time we moved here together. If you're not quite ready to do that, I don't want to encourage rushing it, of course, since that could easily put a strain on the relationship. But if it *is* something you were already planning on, it isn't a bad idea to do that first.

Hi am wale a Nigerian,i intend comin to Belgium 4 studies but i want to connect with Nigerians help me out!

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In case you do not want to disclose your qualification background etc, please visit the work permit office located in Gare du nord station itself. The office is known as ' ministere de la region de Bruxelles-caputale' 1st floor in the station itself. Office opens at 8.45 or 9 AM until 11AM. For more information, visit


Hi! I am from Philippines, and I am still waiting for my Work Permit from the Ministry of Belgium, my employer says that it maybe would be delivered next week.. I already had an appointment in the Belgian Embassy here in the Philippines for the Visa... Does anyone here know how long will it takes for the Visa to be approved? What percentage is my chance to have the Visa and work there? Thank you so much !

My Dear its not easy now with the new regulations to get a visa if you have NO prove of income (Employment) Family or sponsor in Belgium so take care for people who promise you everything inform you first very well because a lot of fraudsters are around to promise the world on a young Lady. wish you good luck !!!

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