laws for foreign people to invest there

Hi everybody,
I'm an italian woman and fond of Mirissa. I'm thinking of opening a bar on the beach with a friend of mine, we like to rent the place and employ local people, we have many interesting ideas, but have no idea about the laws for foreign people to invest there. Any suggestions?
Thank you.

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You should have a look at the Board of Investment website:

BOI is mainly for large investments, you nned to get approvals for your bar from local bodies and need to register your business. Sri Lanka welcome FDI s and provide many incentives depends on the type of teh business.

Great place to start a chill out bar for sure. I am also waiting for some clarity about the new proposed laws to convince a friend to invest with me as there is a great place up for sale in the area.

Hopefully I can  share more news on this soon!


You business falls in to a sensitive category.
Pubs, bars required special licenses and dealing with local governing bodies found to be bit of time consuming (as many of them carrying no or little language skills to guide you through).

If you have or known a decent place around said area, I would suggest you to setup a boutique hotel targetting the Italian tourists.

I don't know your investment capacity but this is the best way to request the license to operate a pub.

You can get the things done through BOI, Tourist Board than reaching the local governing bodies.

Usually they do get the permissions for such investments.


Hi i am a german citizen married to a german want to get settled down in Sri Lanka also looking for Land for a small Tourist homestay place. Interested in mirissa and All the other costel regions. I know if I do something with the local people there will be a lot of tax advantage.
For that you have to have some trust worthy people around you or let's do the bussiness to gether...all papers will be signed and authorised by good property lawyers at your choice.

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Hello everyone,

@ Roshiniseith,  if you are looking for a business partner, please drop an advert in the proper section of the website : Business partners in Sri Lanka.

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Tx dear...I think this link will be helpfull.

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@Floriana Violetta, it is pleasure to invest in sri lanka. Now a days most of foreigners try to invest here.  government embolden Foreign investors.
it is depend on your investment capacity & also much favor to the sri lankan economy.
Mirissa is one of resort among The Bentota beach, Hikkaduwa beach, Unawatuna beach & Polhena beach ( matara).
1/. you have to register in Board of investment of sri lanka
        you can directly visit  Address:-  Level 26, West Tower, World Trade Center,
                                                                 Colombo 01, Sri Lanka.
        you can get more information via mail :- info[at]

2/. you have to make a project proposal if you are going to build new building
                The Project Proponent should submit
            A project proposal to the Director/Planning & Development of the Sri Lanka Tourism   Development Authority (SLTDA)
The proposal should include the following factors;
Introduction of the investor, Concept, Location, Product Development, Financial Plan, Marketing Strategy and Community Benefits.
The proposal will be evaluated and the Director, Planning and Development will request the Project Proponent to attend the Development Committee Meeting. At this meeting the project proposal will be discussed in detail.
Subsequently, a site inspection will be conducted to evaluate the suitability of the proposed project.
A “In Principle Approval” letter will be issued, following the meeting and site inspection.
Once the project proposal is acceptable, the Project Proponent would have to fill in an application, ensuring all Development Guidelines are met.

3/.then you have to submit In Principle Approval letter to municipal or urban council whom governing the area. then only you can commence project

4/. and also you have to get the permission from Central Environmental Authority & Coast Conservation Department.

5/.if you commence your bar in old building. follow the 3 & 4 steps with permission letter of proposal.

6/. however you have to get liquor licence  from Department of excise. there are various type of need Hotel Bar License(F.L 8) or Restaurant License(F.L 11 ) according to your business.

actually it is not complex as it have to follow the procedures step by step.
then you can commence your business easily..
Good Luck Floriana Violetta


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