Experienced engineer seeking job opportunity in Vung Tau/HCM

Dear all,

I am Jahid. I currently hold a consulting position at DNV GL - Oil and Gas Norway. I am seeking an engineering position mainly within oil and gas business in Vung Tau and/or Ho Chi Minh City area. 

Under job sections, I could not find any section saying oil and gas. Can anyone share job searching sites or recruitment agencies that work for Vietnam oil and gas industry?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Best bet ? Be on the ground here , go to VT , get to know some people in your chosen field and word of mouth will usually see you right . Don't expect it to happen in a flash though

My company provides manpower supply service in oil and gas field and others. I don't know if you have found the job, just want to help by suggesting our recruiting website here:
or facebook: https://www.facebook.com/minhvietMIV/?fref=nf
Good luck

Bad time in SE Asia in general for O&G I've been in the O&G industry for over 25 years and at the moment its lay offs rather than recruitment...the only thing I suggest is that you go around Vung Tau and knock on doors but don't expect expat rates you will be hired on local rates and at the moment the Industry is very quiet here....

I specialise in Subsea engineering and I'm taking work outside SE Asia at the moment to pay the bills..

Try LinkedIn for O&G jobs and recruiters in Vietnam

With oil prices so low right now it would be a tough nut to crack especially in a foreign country.

Since the oil went down over years, lots of oil company reduce their employees in Vung Tau.

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