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Well, as you can see we're now officially https://www.expat.com and this is going to mean a lot of wonderful new things coming your way very soon. It also means a lot of features that are going to be much easier to use.

Unfortunately, when it comes to computers I'll still kind of back in the era of the dinosaurs and it may take me a bit of time to figure things out here and find my way around as easily as I could on the old site.

Despite that, I promise that I will continue to do my utmost to be the most reliable source of information and advice on all things Brazilian that you can possibly find. It just may take me a bit more time.  :D

https://www.expat.com Experts Team

Love this place.Especially Mr.James..sir, you are awesome.My special "Thank you" to the whole team behind this blog and website.Looking forward excitingly for more.cheers to you all!!!

Yeah...it'll take awhile to get used to this

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