My experience on marrying a moroccan national.


Salaam brothers and sisters inshaallah i will help those in confusion in regards to marrying a Moroccan national.

One must attain, good organisational skills, and last of all patience.

Inshaallah as we go through the steps that i went through, you will understand why you need these three.

I took about £1500 (excluding mahar and walima etc) to spend for taxi fees (40DH/ £3 back and forth) and in general eating etc although i stayed at fiance house i still needed the money. Train to rabat is around 180DH/£8 RETURN  FIRST CLASS for 2 people. We went there twice once for embassy and once for rings etc.

Connection in Morocco is helpful as it makes the process faster and less stressful, my fiancé uncle had a few friends in the court and police force so that made things slightly easy.

The Moroccan consulate website in London is rubbish and there system is not updated as off 12/11/2015.

While i was in UK The documents needed are:

Updated birth certificate £11**
ACRO police certificate £45**
3 months pay slip
Letter from employment**

One thing i was told i would need and at the end i found out i did not need it was NO IMPEDIMENT AND SHAHADAH CERTIFICATE+, This is because the law changed and they don't need a "no impediment" as of march 2014.

+Shahadah certificate was not needed because i had a muslim name.

If you have a typical bengali/Pakistan name like "mitu miah or pyare khan" these ridiculous names will get you into problems you will need a shahadah cert or go to adool and get a certificate in morocco. Probably end up paying money too. Even if you have a Muslim name find out from the court just in case.

Also if you a NON MUSLIM. Sorry I can't help as other non muslims did marry but i think they had to go to adool and testify they was muslim with 15 photos of themselves. You need to research on that.

**Best thing is scan those documents to your fiancé before you fly out and get her to get them translated. It cost around 250DH SO £15/20 per document. Trust me this saves a long time! Most likely a Days job. Make sure you do this!!

Letter from employment.
Criminal record.
Birth certificate.
Capacity to marry (you'll get that from rabat embassy)

You need to prepare these documents and they all need to be dated within 3 months! So for example if your flying out in November 10th you will need all documents dated from September 10th onwards, Also police record can take 3/4 weeks so start on that first....

Your fiancé also needs to get a
Same load of documents too from
Her local authorities she can get them all in 2 days. Also she will need a pregnancy test certificate. She needs to go to the family court and get a list that will tell you everything you need. Make sure you both get the right documents one mistake and it can delay the whole process.

Ok go to the Uk gov website and book a appointment with the British embassy rabat. Also book the earliest possible as you will need to go to 2 more other places same day. So like 9am. Also get your fiancé to get in contact with a adool (lawyer) he should charge 1000DH MAX

I flew out on a Sunday evening and started running around Monday onwards....

I exchanged money gave 200DH to get my medical certificate from the clinic. Also she should get her medical certificate aswell and  Collected my translated documents.

Got the train to rabat Monday evening as my interview at the embassy was at 9am we stayed at her aunties house so was lucky. Roads in rabat are busy so get a taxi Atleast 30 mins before interview takes a While to get there depending where your staying.

At the embassy you will have to take your passport and your fiancé passport and give them 1400DH/£100 you will sign a few forms and swear a affidavit. They will give you two forms

1. Certified copy of passport (certificate of nationality)
2. Capacity to marry (affidavit) this is also a single certificate.
This interview takes 30 mins so once thats done go straight to the ministry of affairs and they will legalise those two documents. 40DH each. Queue is long but be patient and send your fiancé as those idiots don't speak English you will have to wait outside. Give her the money and your I.D (passport)

Then go to the criminal justice (full of moody idiots) give a copy of your passport they will issue you with a clean record to show your clear in Morocco also they might say come back in 4 hours etc i waited 4.5 hours.

We got the train at 3.30pm back to her town and went straight to the translation office and got the 2 documents from british embassy translated (certificate or nationality and affidavit). But waited till Wednesday to collect it. Tbh we was told only to translate the capacity to marry and not the certificate of nationality. So again you need to refer to the list and find out what needs to be translated.

Collected the rest of the translated document and Went to court waited 3 hours in the heat and submitted the forms as long as the person in the court is happy with the forms she will open a case and you must go to the police for the interview. The court will
Make 5 copies of each document and make 5 files one for adool and one for police and other 3 for the court. That took the whole day.

Went police for the interview they asked random stupid question like "do i own a house" they make it like they gonna pay my bills, he didn't ask much as her uncle knew someone in a high position,

We had a issue because my fiancé had lived and studied at another city so that delayed the process as the files got sent there but we had a connection in that town as her uncle was in the police force so was lucky Alhamdullilah.


No news.


We was told the files arrived back into town and was waiting on confirmation for when it arrives back at court this is more or less the final process,


Went to court and got the permission

Just wanted to say I booked 2 weeks and Alhamdullilah due to connections the process was easier if you don't have connection then may allah make things easy on you as others without connection still got married within 2/3 weeks so don't worry allah is with you.

The reason i wrote all this is because when I needed help i had no one, one brother was reluctant to help i mean he gave a few pointers and that was it other than that the brother would ignore my calls all I needed was 20 mins of his time. I made sincere dua to allah and it was allah who helped me sooo much. "Indeed allah is with the patient" (Quran)

I have done this process also it's exsaughsting im three years on now and my spouse is in the uk iIwould have have helped you if iseen your post good luck

Thanks alhamdullilah my Nikkah is done now, just thought I'd share this as others will need help now I need to apply to bring her over To UK lol might need help with that

Im from the United States I'm marrying a Moroccan man. We plan to marry this month i was told i would only need one pay stub . Do you know if i will need 3 months worth?

No take 3 months worth, i get paid weekly so i had like 12 payslips which annoyed them as they had to make 5 copies of each paper, also make sure your fiance/boyfriend gets a list from the family court, that list will show everything you both need to provide, as your from the us your requirements will be different im guessing in terms of what paperworks you need to provide anyways that list the court gives him will show everything also i would advise you to send him paperworks by email/scan so he can start translating them to arabic

Hi Shykco,

Did you take both a letter of employment and 3 months pay slips or just the pay slips?

Im going to get married in Morocco in March although I am visiting for a week at the end of Jan to begin the paperwork.

Can I also ask - where did you get/arrange the notice of intent to marry? and do I need to stay in the country for a certain amount of time once I have given this notice, or could I leave and return in March as planned?

I'm a british female by the way :)

Take both payslips and letter of employment make sure pay slips are 3 months worth, intent to marry? Ypu mean affidavit? You get that from the british embassy in rabat they will give you 2 documents get them legalised first than translated, also the affidavit also shows your single so that should cover the part where u have to show your single

I think i might have forgotten to tell you but everything must be dated within 3 months the documents the British embassy give you will last only 3 months mmmmmm best thing is get your permission to marry in January and go back in march but i think you will need more than a week took me about 10 days

No seperate to the affidavit- didn't you have to take a notice of intent to marry to the family court? My fiancé sent me a list which he got from the ladoul which says a written request to the judge is needed?

Thanks ☺️

No the court will provide you with that well thats what they did for me fiance, tell your future hubby to go to the court and ask the person what needs to be translated as different cities have diff requirements. What city is he from btw?

He's from Guelmim. Yes I have sent him a list of things to do. He's working in agadir at the moment but his family are running errands and helping us out. It's so stressful isn't it?! I'm dreading the visa application!

Yeh visa one will be a headache anyways i meant he shpuld get hold of a list from the family court in his town, as long as you got family helping then you shpuld get things done quick


Can I ask- how did you go about getting the affidavit and nationality certificate translated? Did you do this in Rabat or in your fiancées home town? How long did it take? I was hoping to take the papers to the court and have the police interview then return to the UK- can my fiancé collect the permission to marry without me or do I have to be there? I was hoping I could go for a week in Jan then a week in March- my fiancé is just saying 'yes don't worry it will be fine' but I really feel like he's going to miss something thinking he knows it all lol

I got it translated at the same place i got my other documents done it took about 1 day to translate well we got back from rabat the same day and handed it to translate so collected following day....there is a way of getting documents collected by adool you have to speak with them tbh as ive never been in such a situation

After police interview all you will be waiting for permission so the adool can collect that permission for u but you have to speak with them and sort it out

Ok that sounds like a good option I will get the other half to ask about that. Thank you for your help, much appreciated.

Are you living in morocco now?

You will have to speak to adool they will tell you, are you in Morocco now or dubai

HI Shycko,

Hope you are well.

I am flying out on 23rd January and I have found a translator, sent him my docs and booked my Embassy appointment!!

Can I ask you - at what point in the process did you give your pay slips and did you need to translate them?
Also, the translator I am using said that the criminal record document will be issued in French and I will need to get it translated - was this the case for you?

When you obtained your certificate of Nationality from the British Embassy, was it a copy of your passport page and entry stamp?

Thanks :)

No my criminal record from rabat was in arabic, also payslips didn't need translating and rabat embassy will give two form - affidavit and certificate of nationality (photocopy of main page passport). We had to only translate the affidavit, also take photocopy of entry stamp on passport they will need it as some point

That's fab, thank you for your help 😊


Just an update - I just got back yesterday- we completed all the paperwork in 5 days, we probably could have done it in 3. So now we just wait for the marriage certificate which my fiancé will collect when it arrives.

I am more than happy to help if anyone who is going through the process needs any advice

Very good info brother

I would also add:

- If his/her family do not know someone in the Police, Court prepared for an even longer wait- and more Dhs (as, er 'gifts' to these snakes)
- Make sure you know exactly how much the mahr is (guys)...because once your there, the price mentioned by your intended can easily shoot up when you are actually there
- Try to keep cool- a lot of offices in Rabat have many 'jobsworth' twats- unfriendly & uninterested in helping you anytime soon
- At your various 'waits' around offices, do not be tempted by some guy waving you in and promising to get you quicker in the queue- IF he does so, have your wallet ready
- Don't assume the Embassy (UK) knows what they are English guy there didn't even know what 'nikah' meant....and also, (guys) if your intended wears a hijab, she has less chance of getting a visa
- Be prepared- once your husband/wife may well have to repeat the process to bring 'ummi' and unemployed sister/brother quite soon

very true

hi ! any idea about payslip wages ? how much money minimum i need to show in the payslip?

by the way i live in uk.

Hi ! There
Is anyone knows or help me out ,
I am Self Employee , what should I take with me to morocco ? 
1:) Should  my HMRC  tax return & my bank statements  will  enough to show to cover me rather then  an Employment latter or payslips ?
2:) if my future wife is in morocco and I m in London how can I get Certificate of Non Impendement?

Hi, can anyone please confirm if proof of residency is also required?

Hi minnie could you help me please....we are about to go through this process shortly and could do with your advice? How long after the police interview did u get the permission to marry? How do i find a list of the courts? My brothers fiance is from youssouffia. What translator did u use? Anything helpful how to do things to make process quicker would be helpful! Thanks

Can u please tell me the procedure if u already got married ?

My wife wears a niqab and her visa was accepted first time I don’t know where you go that info from

Hello , I want to ask u how many days does it takes to translate the affidavit and certificate of nationality ? Can u give me a good translater in Rabat .  Thanks in advance

Nousha :

Hello , I want to ask u how many days does it takes to translate the affidavit and certificate of nationality ? Can u give me a good translater in Rabat .  Thanks in advance

I would estimate no more than a few hours. The affidavit is not a lengthy document to translate and the Embassy now give a certified copy of your British passport which replaces the certificate of nationality. I would most definitely contact them with plenty time to spare for the correct timings. There is a list here. … o__1_.docx

If it helps, here is copy of the relevant part of an email that was sent to me by a lady that had done the process and was willing to help me where she could. 👇👇👇

The translator list is sorted by city. I emailed all of them and the one who I went with was Akilschekhli[at] he replied straight away and was a decent price. The total price in the end was 920MAD.
I emailed him to ask if I could send the 3 documents I already had in advance
1. Birth certificate
2. Police certificate
3. Letter of employment
He agreed to this so I sent scanned copies and asked if he could translate the affidavit and the certified copy of passport on the spot when I got there (these are the 2 documents you will get from the British embassy). You will need to take your originals with you when you go so he can see them.
Went to the translators office which is very close by. If you use Akil, call him and he will come outside and meet you. He had the 3 docs ready and I gave him the police check, affidavit and certified passport copy to translate while I waited for maybe 40 mins. Then I paid 920MAD

Hope this helps you 🤞👸😇


Thank you so much for all the useful information.

I am meant to get married in 2 months InshAllah so time is quite tight.

My question is do I need to be there to go through all the process in Morocco? Or can my fiance do this on my behalf if I send her the documents?
Secondly if I must go there before the actual wedding how many days should I take of minimum as I am struggling to find any time off from work.



Is anyone able to advise if the following documents need to be confirmed as genuine ( Apostille )?

Birth certificate
Police certificate ACRO
Divorce certificate
Proof of employment / pay slips

I am planning to travel in the middle of February.


Thank you so much for ur infos it s very helpful

Hi All,

In terms of the police check... does it have to be a ACRO police certificate? The reason why I ask is because I had already paid and received a DBS certificate and not long sent it off to be apostille via the legalisation department (UK public official) I was unaware of a ACRO. I would be grateful if someone could help advise?

hi buddy,

I'am looking to get married next year and i would like to know does it actually take all 2 - 3 weeks to get married officially by law in morocco and including the nikkah (Islamic law marriage)

please let me know as i have all the paper works

also one other question is that i have a business in the UK and was told i just need my business certificate to prove that i have a running business in the UK and wont need any bank statements etc

kind regards

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