Medical Certificate for Oman Employment

I am currently in Malaysia right now, then I apply a job in Oman. My employer told me that i need to get a medical certificate issued by Oman Government approved hospital/clinic in Malaysia. Is anyone can help me where can i get this medical certificate in Malaysia? Thank you very much..

You can search online approved medical centre for Oman.

Thanks Mr. Zackkk but I already try to search many times but and it come out different things. That's why i post to maybe somebody can assist me or can help me regarding with this matter..

Hi Alexzekiel,
I am looking for an answer to the question you posted. Did you find any gamca centres in Malaysia for medical test for oman work visa?

Awaiting your reply

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You may not receive any replies from the original poster since his thread has remained inactive since 2015.

I would advise you instead to create a thread of your own on the Malaysia forum to ask your questions. The chances of obtaining some information are higher if you do so.

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