life costs there? Is there acommodation for students?

Hi I am a student from tunisia, planning to move to Singapore. I would like to ask about the life costs there? Is there acommodation for students? How much do I need to live.... How is life for young students there?

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Here in Singapore nothing is extremely expensive but housing. To have your own room in a shared house you need to pay between 1000 to 1300 Singaporean Dollars per month (bills can be included). Food isn't expensive around 6 to 7 dollars per meal and public transportation is decent and cheap too around 50 dollars per month. Estimated expenses per month should be 1700 Singaporean dollars (Incase you aren't drinking or smoking)... All the best ^^

As I see life is quite expensive, i will be offered 1000 dollar per month as a support from the university, my question is that could I bring money with my student visa? I will stay up to 6 months as an exchange student
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Ahsan nas :) well maybe your university will offer you campus accommodation hence please check with them and yes you can bring money with you. I brought cash nearly 5000US dollars while coming here and now I'm broke :D "kidding"

HAHA Ahmad! thanks for the reply
I will ask for the campus housing, are you a student in Singapore,
How is life there?

Haha nope I'm working here (Experienced professional), just moved in 1 month back and life is very nice but somehow boring :) mn el beet lil sho3'l wa mn el sho3'l lel Cabaret :D kidding ^^

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I can understand you ahmad, I've been in this situation before, I move a lot and tryed to live in different countries, it's frustrating when it's a totally different culture, but I learnt how to get used to that, how to appreciate those different details. I am a little bit worried because of that! I ve never been in asia :p But I try to think about it as an adventure where I will have the chance to learn new language and meet different people. Also, I would be happy to meet local people and live in a shared place... It should be an exciting experience ^^
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Yes Amira, you will like it, Asians are kinda polite and quiet however mish wadodeen :) majority are Chinese and Indians... English speaking and easygoing place. You will enjoy one hundred percent :) wish you all the best with your new experience ^^

Hi Amira,

There is student accommodation available at some hostels. I stayed in one when I had just come over 3 years ago. The cost was SGD 700 per month, and 700 refundable deposit.

This included a self contained room (with toilets), common washing machine, common kitchen and fridge, WiFi in common room and electricity.

I think it's one of the better deals available to students in Singapore.

The name was Joo Chiat Lodge at Kembangan.


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