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I am a Malaysian Citizen who is currently working in Singapore and hold a Singapore PR. I have continuously stayed in Singapore as a student for 10 years (A'Levels - Temasek JC, Undergraduate - NUS, Graduate - NUS) and as an employee for 2 years. I have the following questions:

1) Would I be able to successfully apply for a long term visit pass (LTVP) for my foreign spouse given that my monthly salary is SGD4000? I am asking this question because Employment Pass (EP) holders need a minimum salary of SGD5000 to obtain a Dependent's Pass (DP) for their foreign spouse. However, there is no minimum salary stated by ICA to obtain LTVP.

2) Assume that I were to own a house in Malaysia and it is rented out. Do I need to pay tax to Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) on my rental income generated in Malaysia by my Malaysian house, given that I am a Singapore PR?

3) Will me staying in Johor (Malaysia) while continuing to work normally in Singapore, be detrimental to renewing my Re-Entry Permit (REP)?

4) If I were to lose my Singapore PR by remaining outside of Singapore without a valid Re-Entry Permit (REP), will I be able to obtain an Employment Pass (EP) in Singapore in the future if I wish to return?

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You have so many conflict questions at same time.

For your above queries, let me answer one by one:

1. Minimum salary is applicable for an EP or S pass holder, not for a PR. So, you can bring your spouse even though you're earning less than 5k.

2. Believe when you r filing ur personal income, IRAS is not asking you to declare your outside income other than Singapore. So, you no need to pay additional tax on house rent income in Malaysia. But you need to declare n pay tax to Malaysia income tax authority as per their local tax regulation.

3. There could be a conflict of interest between govt and a PR. In this case you are misusing the facility given by Singapore govt and there could be a reverse impact on your future PR renewal or any other assessments. You can get the details from Singapore authority. But I would suggest don't do that.

4. I already replied you in qu. 3

Don't do things complicated and as you are a PR then can bring your legal spouse then let her look for a job here then it will resolve most of your queries.

Good luck.

1. There is no official minimum salary for bringing a spouse on LTVP, but in my experience they apply the same threshold of S$5000/month - and wisely so, as less money will not allow both of you to survive without her finding a job, which would be illegal on LTVP (PRs don't qualify for LTVP+).
2. Income from outside Singapore will not be taxed by IRAS, so no need to declare the rent.
3. Staying outside of Singapore has no influence on REP renewal, as far as I know, as long as you work, earn and pay tax in Singapore.
4. EP after losing your PR is poissible, but not easy. You should definitely leave your CPF intact and acquire skills in strategic industries, where Singapore has a lack of manpower.

Qu3: staying outside of SG may not influence REP renewal but in certain cases yes it does. I had come across such cases where MoM didn't renew despite of earning much higher salary and rather issued P1 pass instead. In this case you r living in some other country due to various reasons.

But the above person is saying clearly that will move to Johar to stay in his Malaysia house ( or pay 1/3 or 1/4th of rent in SG) but continue to daily work in SG. To me, It's clear case of misuse of PR status.

And, I have no doubt MoM will be tough in these cases. Or else every Malaysian citizen who held PR will start living in Johar but continue their daily work in SG and earn 3 to 4 times higher than their counterparts in Johar.

This is my personal belief.

hello am Prince 25 years from ghana pls i want to relocate to singapore with a tourist visa is it possible i to renew my visa when it elapsed and can get a job there and stay there for at least a year. Ghanaians are giving 30 days to stay there with no visa requirement. pls incase you want to reach out you can txt or whatsapp me on ***

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Prince: A tourist visa is a visitor visa and does not allow you to relocate or work in Aingapore. It can be renewed up to 89 days, if you have a good justification for staying that long (the average visitor stays 3 days!).
If you want to stay longer and work, you need to get a proper work visa.


Hi there, I have a question. My EP has been approved, but I'm wondering how long does it take for the work pass to be issued (notification letter)? Because I won't be able to come to SIngapore for medical check-up until late last week, and assuming that the result won't come up immediately, my employer can only apply to get my pass issued a few days after that (the second step). The problem is, I'm planning to celebrate Christmas and New Year somewhere else, and to my understanding, I have to be present in Singapore when they're requesting for the pass to be issued. Does anyone know how long does this take?

Oops, I meant late next week, not late last week.

Prince: Lease do not post in ALL CAPITALS, as this is interpreted as shouting and rude on the Internet.
You need to find a job to get a work visa for Singapore, because only your employer can apply for the visa.
Please read the many discussions already existing on this forum about how to find a job in Singapore.

Sensens: The actual work pass will be issued on the day you submit your medical checkup resilts to MoM.

thanks so much

Hi, May I know how long does it take to get the "notification letter"  when the employer request for the card issuance online?
Many Thanks !!!

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