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Dear sir I have a valid schenzen visa can I come to purtugal and get residency visa .is This correct if possible kindly guide me process and time require for this.

Dear I want to come in purtagal can you help me in getting job contract and opening finance number.

Dear can you help me in finance number and job contract .

Hamza2672 :

Dear I want to come in purtagal can you help me in getting job contract and opening finance number.

Nobody has answered you here probably because you are  :offtopic:

Please refer to the JOBS to find an offer.  Please ask questions about obtaining "finance numbers" on an appropriate topic, or start a new one if you need.  Thanks

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I've created a new thread from your posts.

Hi .  It's much better to be legal as you know.  There is a way but you must be of benefit to the Portuguese people and right now that means you should be paying taxes to support the Portuguese economy.  First of all I must say that Portuguese people are some of the nicest in the world and the more I live in Portugal  the more I like this great country. I am from the UK so don't really have any immigration issues here.

This is the situation as I understand it. I'm not a legal adviser so I can only tell  you what I have heard.

Good jobs are almost impossible to find and many Pakistanis work in shops, hostels and restaurants for very low wages.  The wages are hardly enough to live on.  If you have Pakistani friends or relatives here the way will be much easier for you, especially regards to accommodation.  They will also show you how to register your presence in the country and get a tax number (fiscal number). This number is extremely important and you cannot do anything in Portugal without it.

As far as I've heard you are not legally allowed to get a job in Portugal for six months after arriving but many do I guess. If you are caught working in this period you will be told to leave the country.

When you are lucky enough to get a job you must start paying income tax immediately and you must get a social security number. Maybe your boss can help you do this.

At some stage (after a few months) you will get an inspector visit you at work and then you will have to have an immigration interview and then possibly gain temporary legal residence.  You may also have to pay a heavy fine for being in Portugal without permission.  You must extend your temporary residence each year and after five years you might get your permanent residence.

Regards accommodation, most Pakistanis share rooms and apartments to keep costs at a minimum. They usually stay in older buildings which have been badly maintained.  I'm not sure of the costs but friends I know pay 450  Euros shared between three people.  I pay 550 Euros a month for a better apartment in a safe area. But Lisbon is a very safe city anyway.

If you have any questions, I will try to answer you. My email/facebook is:  xxx  and my phone is:-  xxx

I have noticed that most Pakistanis don't try to fit in with the Portuguese way of life and they hang around in Asian ghettoes.  It's not the best way to go if you have the chance.  Live in Portugal so be Portuguese is the way to go.

Best regards,


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Dear I want to come in purtagal can you help me in getting job contract and opening finance number.

Hello rajendra3245,

It will be better if you get in touch with the professionals listed in the Jobs in Lisbon  section of the business directory.

All the best

yep if u still did not get answer yep u can get card but for this u need work contract from any shop find work or purchase contract thanks

Hello Sir,

I am currently living in portugal and I have legal entry in portugal and schengen zone...I am working and I have finance number which is 6 months old and also have Seguranca Social number...and I am paying tax ... Would you please tell me how to enter documents in SEF and what is the leagal procedure...

Thanks in advance....

please go to canai office with your contract and entere if u cannot speak portuguese then its better hire a advocate thansk

Hi,  Would you please suggest me any good Advocate...?

If you are in Portugal Can I contact you...

Kindly Reply

i am in porto and i think u r in lisbon  dear it is good first go to canai talk in inglish if will difficult then hire advocate it is easy if u enter your self advocate also donot do any thing

Hi, Thanks for the reply... I went to CNAI Office... But I did not get any satisfy reply from them...
I can enter my documents myself... but I have heard that date is provide by SEF is so long probably in November If I enter my documents now...

My Concern is that Is Lawyer help me to get date earlier ... or do something fast with extra charges...?

If you know some Lawyer then please provide the details...


sorry bro in lisbon i donot know any one u should ask some one friend if he know any advocate  some advocate have relation with some people in sef but its little difficult u should ask some one in lisbon and yes in this year i donot know wht happen sef donot care all appointements giving in november december my resident card will expire in 01 may  luckyly  i called them in this passed december and he gave me date 15 may damn pls ask some one friend may be any one advocate can help u god bless u

i dnt think u need appointement or date because u r applying first time so talk to any advocate and apply document by mail u just need send them your all documents by email i also sent when first time i enter my documents by lawyer

sorry not email  its mail by  ctt post office

Thank you Dear for replying me...

God bless you too... keep in touch and If any day when you will available in Lisbon contact me...
Want to meet you friendly...
May I know from which country you are?
your origin?

pakistan gujrat any time can contact for help   *** thanks

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Thank you Veer
Lots of Love for my Pakistan Bro From Indian Bro...

Better get a lawyer. It's tedious.

In English it's a lawyer.   Spell check...ALEXANDRA ABOIM INGLES, SHE

Thank you so much "Skippy1957" for the response.

I am currently living in lisbon , Portugal from last 10 days. I am with my wife and a 1 year baby with me. I want to stay permanently here.
I am really worried about my babies health and want to join with a doctor (in uk its called gp)
Is there anyone who can tell me the process to join in a health centre.
Thanks in advance

first of all no one should come to any europe country with faimly i still donot understand why people do this i donot know wht they think about europe -- every body says go to portugal there government gifting resident card ;(----------- now u r here  if its possible send back to ur wife and baby to your country and first yourself work here get resident card then apply your faimly visa if not then go to near ( center saude) and tell them my baby is not fine please register here my baby then medicine will no cost other wise private doctors available but costly its better talk to any laywer  if any one can apply your faimly medical card by the way they donot make medical card without resident card hope some one will help u god bless u

please help me,,,,,,,,my sister is in portugal since 1 year,my sister has job contract and she has got finince nomber and social security number she paying income tax but she was enter portugal without visa plz plz plz tell me  now whwt should she do????????

without visa is very difficult now its depend on her luck but its very difficult to get resident card without legal entry

now just if u want pay tax regulerly and see if they give u card

ya its almost 1 year she paying tax n she has everything like finance no.,job contract, social number.n she don know English ,shi know hindi so plz who know hindi plz help her to get tr

wait more one year may b she will get resident card govt was changing rule for whom who entered legal or illegal in portugal but i dnot know thats already passed or not so wait and see better hire  advocate

thank u sir for replying me,sir do you know any good advocate?she has advocate but he didn't do any think since 6 month,once again thank u for help me replying me.

portugal advocates like this kind lol they just need fees for doing nothing ------- no one advocate can help you in case of sef advocate just can go again and again in sef to ask them about your case now u just wait see wht sef reply to u

if you be in porto may b i give u some good advocates but u r in lisbon i cannot help u only information thanks ----- talk to your advocate that how much cost for your case and ( advocate  must go to sef every month for asking your case

ok sir I will tell my sis what u sayd,thank u sir

Hi, could you please tell more about the way the rules were are or going to be changed? Could someone who will enter the country with a Schengen visa still apply and get a residence card? Thank you

Hi there
Can anyone please tell me portugal immigration is still open or not....coz i have heard they are not issuing finance card now is it true please reply

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