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Recently i have been offered a job & the company have applied online for EP. They have applied on 11 Nov 2015 & the status is "pending". As this is a change of employer not the new EP application, i was hoping that could have been processed in 2-4 days but still showing "pending" status.

Few of my friends also switched to other companies & there application got approved in few days only. I would like to know if there is any way to reach MOM regarding this & request them to expedite the process or how long should i have to wait.


Believe MoM access each application separately, so we shouldn't link other applications to your case.

As new employer had applied your EP, then you should request new employer to check with MoM to know the reason of delay or when you expect to receive new EP.

Whether you or employer should not say MoM to expedite the process, it will give wrong impression to MoM that they r not doing their work on time.

If it's delayed in your case then there must be a solid reason for that. And, you can only know when your employer will request MoM.

Hope this clarifies your above query.

Thanks for the reply surya :) ... hoping get approve soon.

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