Working in other GCC countries on Saudi exit-reentry visa

Dear Gentlemen,
I have an offer from Qatar and even I received my entry permit to Qatar but my employer in Saudi will not give me final exit but they will give me only exit-reentry visa. Kindly advise me on the following points;
1) Whether can I travel to Qatar on the entry permit provided to me by Qatar employer;
2) During when the Saudi visa is valid, does it create any problems in Qatar when processing the work permit.
3) Kindly advise me on the best solutions to take up the job in Qatar( for sure, my Saudi employer will not give me final exit)
Expecting all your valid advises.


Be strong , if you are sure for this offer from Qatar and no any claims against you for money in SAUDI ARABIA go to labor office and let them force your employer , you are not slave in  his company.

He is giving you exit re-entry because of some reasons. Basically 2 reasons:

1- He doesn't want you to come back to KSA to work for anyone else for 2 years. An automatic ban applies when you leave on ERE and don't come back.
2- It safeguards him from any possible legal implications that may have arisen because of commitments related to Final exit visa issuance.

Your answer:

You CAN go to Qatar and start working for your Qatari employer. The passports departments of two countries are NOT linked. It really doesn't matter if you went there on ERE or Final exit. I'd suggest you take up this discussion with your new employer also.

Perfect answer brother:                  TheLegendLeads

Hi, I’m working in Saudi and got my exit re entry visa. I have a working visa to Qatar. Can I go to directly from Saudi to Qatar without difficulties in the airport/ immigration?

Hi, I’m working in Saudi and got my exit re entry visa. I have a working visa to Abu dhabi. Can I go to directly from Saudi to Qatar without difficulties in the airport/ immigration?

I am working in Saudiarabia I am currently on my vacation .i got a job in Qatar can I go and join .since I haven’t took final exit from Saudi can anyone advice me clearly please .  Will there be any problem in Immigration in Qatar ......

Or I can go and join in Qatar

I am not sure why people don't really understand or bother to read the thread.

1) You CAN exit Saudi if you have an exit re-entry
2) You CAN go to Qatar (via Oman/Kuwait) or to UAE and join work there if a work visa has been issued for you.  It doesn't matter to Qatar or UAE whether you left on single exit re-entry or final exit
3) You will NOT be able to return to Saudi and may be banned if you leave your employer here without getting a final exit visa

Hello.,i just wanto to clarify.,i am a nurse here in KSA .,i have my license and data flow.,if i go to uae/kuwait/qatar and work there will there be a problem? I have exit reentry visa in case.

Your questions have ALREADY been answered in my last post.  If there is something specific that you want to ask, ask it clearly.  Dataflow / Licensing are done for every country in GCC separately - you cannot use your existing credentials.

Hello sir. I read some of your post/reply regarding re entry visa in ksa and somehow understood it but not all of it so here i am asking you again the same question because I have the same issue. Please forgive me if i would have to ask you again regarding this matter since i only want to be sure that im getting the correct answer. For you to understand my problem, i will share to you my personal problem which i have posted just now on this site to get help from guys like you. Below is my story.

----------Hello guys. I am Arnel from the Philippines. I have a problem regarding my re entry visa in Saudi Arabia. I hope someone can help and give me a straight answer.
Last may, 2018, i went home for a vacation with a re entry visa. Unfortunately, i was not able to return.
I heard that you will automatically get banned not only in saudi arabia but in all GCC countries for not coming back. Is this true? I found a work in Cyprus and my present employer sent me a plane ticket with a stop over in Bahrain. Once in Bahrain airport, i will spend the night in a hotel before resuming my flight in the morning to Cyprus. The reason i gave details of my brief stay in Bahrain was that im afraid the Bahrain immigration will find out that i have a pending case in saudi arabia for not coming back on a re entry visa and will hold me and send me back to the Philippines. My question is: if i am banned from Saudi Arabia, am i also banned automatically in other GCC countries? I hope someone can enlighten me with my problem. Thanks again guys.---------
Your help is appreciated in advance, sir. Thank you very much.

Only banned in KSA.

Bahrain only an issue if there is a CRIMINAL case in Saudi and warrants have been issued for your arrest.  No issue otherwise.

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