Employment pass Singapore (Chances of approval)

Hi everyone,
Hi Beppi,

I got a job offer from a reputed automobile company. I am a Mechanical engineer with 4.10 years of work experience in the same sector. Offered fixed monthly salary is 5000SGD. The company has applied for my EP and dependent pass for my wife who has a masters degree from Germany.
Based on your experiences and observations, what do you think are the chances of my EP getting approved?
I come from a low income countries in Asia.

Thank you.

I don't think if you come from a lower income country would impact on your EP approval.

MoM access individual career and salary offered to you including your employer's assessment on why they recruited you instead of a local talent.

Once your EP gets approve then they will think of your wife's application.

FYI as per MoM, the minimum salary for a person to bring his family is $5,000, which just touched the cap mark in your case.

So, MoM will look into this case as well.

Hope you n your wife get EP n DP.

Yes the salary just touched the cut off for dependent pass.I thought it was enough to get dependent pass too.Do you think this will makes a lot of difference in a bad way or we is there a good chance of getting the visa passes?

We can only guess as MoM has different yardstick in each case as I personally believe your wife too has an international degree ( hope MoM does recognize this university and its certificate), chances are there for you n your family.

Just finger crossed, you both will hear positive reply from MoM. All the best.

Thank you Surya2k..i am really hoping for the approval.Will update in the thread on the outcome for people with similar situation.


Have your EP been approved.

Been 7 days my company had applied for EP. Still haven't heard from them. EP status: pending.
Is this normal? I have started panicking already :_

Seven days is very short - don't start panicking before a month is over, better two months!

So today I got a update from HR that she contacted MoM. MoM replied saying that the outcome of my application will be known by next Tuesday. Is this normal?

This is unusual: Normally MoM does not tell anything about when to expect the result!

I know !!! I hope its a positive thing though.One other unusual thing is my educational certificates didnt need to be uploaded..only the copy of passport...dont know why !!


Whether your EP has been approved.

Declined :(

Pls visit MoM ( Ministry of Manpower, Singapore) website and check whether is there any such visa is available for foreigners? And, what's the eligibility criteria and other details.

I don't recall any such visa ( Working Holiday visa). I may be wrong, but pls check in MoM website and you can even send your query to their customer care mail ID. All the best

Fresh graduates do not usually get a work pass for Singapore - you need skills and/or experience that the Singapore economy needs and which are not available locally.
However, the salary you were offered is very high for a fresh grad (around half of that is standard), so you either do have such skills and/or experience (in your employer's eyes), or here is another reason for rejection: Too high salary would distort the local labour market!

Have your HR filed for appeal?

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