Areas to live.

I have seen posts on the site concerning good places to live.
I will be fact I already am. In short I am a UK expat but not sure that I want to reside in an area that is predominantly expats from the UK (if there are such places).
So does anyone know decent areas that are a mix of people's or am I asking a silly question? Maybe everywhere is a mix but I don't know.
Thanks in advance.

A fairly good and reasonable question, in my view.

Generally most areas in Bahrain have a mixed demography.

Some of the nicer and convenient areas to live are Juffair, Adliya, Zinj, Saar, Seef ...

Thanks for taking the time to answer.
I have heard about Juffair before.
Tubil (if spelt right) will be my work base and I was also unsure if the area was good to live in.

Tubli is alright to live. Its a mixed residential and commercial area.

I know a few people living there. Its just a little "off the beaten track".

I would not live in Tubli. I went to view the accommodation there and even though the villas looked nice and had all the facilities for a good price, it is where the sewage works is and the smell was horrible. Not like the UK where the odor has to be contained so that surrounding areas do not suffer. If you think that you have a strong stomach and think the smell will not bother you then it is a good area to live. If you are bringing your family Saar/Janabiya is probably your best place, Juffair is where all the restaurants bars and clubs are so not the best for children to be exposed to but great if your a bachelor. Seef is a nice area but a bit more expensive, Zinj as already said could be a good option as it is close to Tubli and you will not get the smell. (if the wind allows) Hope this helps, any questions just ask :)

Hi, I am from the UK and prefer Saar area. Seef too busy/expensive. Juffair too noisy/busy and a nightmare to get to if the traffic is bad. Hamala and Jasra are also good but a bit far from the expat clubs in Saar.

My friend is in real estate so if you want to PM me more details then I'm sure she will help you find the right place

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