Where to live in KL

Hi there, I am looking to move to KL from Singapore in the next few months but was wondering where the best, most sociable district is to live in. Can anyone help please?
I was thinking Bukit Bintang as it seems to be smack in the middle of town for work and going out, is this right? can anyone recommend a condo in the area perhaps?

Many thanks

Hi Patrick, welcome to Expat-blog! :) Your topic has been moved on the Kuala Lumpur forum.

Concerning the accommodation, you may try to look at the Kuala Lumpur classifieds > accommodation section.

I wish you good luck and i'm sure you will get replies from other members soon.

Thanks Christine, I'll check the classifieds

Well Bukit Bintang is not a bad option, many expat do live around the twin tower.
U may also consider Mont Kiara or Hartamas, or mayb Bangsar. Mont Kiara and Hartamas
is more like some high end resident area. Bangsar is more convenient for pubs and drinks and shop.
But Bangsar is near by KL centre. It all have to depend on ur work location and do you have any transport as well.

Thanks, that is very helpful

It depends how long you will be in town and what kind of lifestyle you like. I've lived in high end suburbs like Pantai Hills, Bangsar, Damansara Heights and Sri Hartamas. They are now considered expatriate locations for expats with family or businessmen who prefer a residential locale just outside town like Mont Kiara. It's a residential feel there.

If you here for short-term business and entertainment plus you do not drive, the city might be the best option. I use to work in town; took an hour getting in and 2 hours getting out. The roads are pretty clear in the Golden Triangle by 9pm until 11pm. After that it turns into what looks like Bangkok's Patpong. I recently visited an Austrian friend who just moved in  a year ago into a beautiful place called Idaman Residence KLCC. You might like it.

I just moved in KL from Singapore 2 months ago and I live in Ampang, Embassy row area. I like this area very much because it is very convenient to go to any department store, hospital / privacy and quite. If your budget allowed, living in this area is superb...

Living in KL is a bit difference from Singapore.. but people in KL are more friendly and very helpful..you'll love them as I do (:D

hiya :D
the best place would be around klcc area or bukit bintang or u can also find places like pwtc area which is near by to town.
most sociable district to live in would be the golden triangle area. its booming  and also the night life is amazing. its very convinient for transportation, food etc. :D

why dont u try checking out parkview sservice appartment, klcc appartments, condo bistari and also i do have a real estate agent friend which can help u out a lot. if u want i can give u her number.

well, i hope everything works out well.
if u have any questions or probs just ask away yaa :D

have a fantastic week.

cheerss :D

hey man,

I have a room to let, pm or email me if ur interested

Its in idaman residence, KLCC area

[email protected]

Hello Mike, Welcome on the forum

Please post as well on Kuala Lampur Classifieds page, Section>Accommodation.


you can look for a place in jakarta its near ur place.  its safe enough. you can travel by bus

Patrick,  I would also recommend Ampang area as most of my Expat friends stays there.  Most of the embassy is also located in Ampang area and its not too far from city center (approx 2km).


ansonneo wrote:

Patrick,  I would also recommend Ampang area as most of my Expat friends stays there.  Most of the embassy is also located in Ampang area and its not too far from city center (approx 2km).


Ampang Road is like the safest place in the whole city. I really recommend this place as well.

Hi Mike, thanks for your offer but I'm still waiting to hear when i can move from work and i will probably live alone but thanks for the offer.
Ceelin, Sofia thanks for your help

Thanks Anson, I will also look at some places on Ampang Road now

Hi Patrick,
Did you move to KL in the end? If so which area did you decide was best for you?

I am currently living in KL after 11 years in London and decided on Mont Kiara area but this may be too isolated for you.

Am curious to know if you found a spot that is ideal for you.
I also write a blog about living in KL so check it out or email me any questions you may have:

Good luck!

I would also suggested Ampang area as most of expat people live there.  Most of the embassis are also located in Ampang area and it takes just 5 min drive to KLCC.I've lived in ampang area for 3 years and it is very safe and also whatever you want you will find in this area.

Best Wished

what about Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur for visiter living ?

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Ampang is good

Hey there,

I will move to KL next month and now looking for somewhere to stay long term in Ampang as I plan to settle down about 5 years in Malaysia. Any ideas from you guys would be great help for me this time. Thank you and have a great weekend.

Lunie - why don't you start a new thread? 

It depends where you will be working or studying? Let us know your monthly budget otherwise its impossible to provide any advice?

On a low budget you may be able to find a flat share. Ampang has some expensive, nice areas and some basic ones. Jalan Ampang is about the noisiest street in KL day and night, so not nice to live on.  It is also a traffic nightmare with queues most of the day.  If you have megabucks then there are some nice areas, if not, there are better areas to live.

A Vietnamese lady friend stays in Angkasa Impian and loads of young foreigners from all over the world, in Bukit Bintang and is nice. Very central. Good for flat shares.

Why Ampang? The above is easy to get to work in KL centre btw.

5  years is a long initial contract!

Nemo - I think the lady is probably in mining? This thread was chosen specifically.

Gravitas wrote:

Nemo - I think the lady is probably in mining? This thread was chosen specifically.

Mining for Gold in Ampang. Yee haa gold rush everyone!

I see absolutely no indication of mining on this thread! Or her profile.

hi there patrick,
just read your post .
well its simple, a few things you must know about Bukit Bintang or the Kuala Lumpur city itself.
1. Bukit bintang has lots of hotels for short term stays.
2. Bukit Bintang is where all the shopping malls are located.
3. Bukit Bintang is the place where property agents will slit you by your throat by charging you a rental fee which is above the market.
4. Look at apartments like Casa Residence , it's just 5minutes away from Bukit Bintang..and its cheap.. well, its definitely a favourite option among most expats .

if you'd want to know anything about living in kuala lumpur,
below are my contact details.

Name : Jason
Email : [email protected]
Phone: +60176579759

keep in touch mate

hi to all.. I wil just move to Kl in one month!! No idea whera alternative (secure area more or less with some bars (not well dressed needed please, I hate those bars and disco) )area to live (live music concert, with some park and green area..? do not want commercial area to live!! please help me!! i have to go every day to the Malaya University!!

Hi how r u? i can suggest to you that will be more better stay at Bistari condo at near pwtc..nice

Could you just mention which Campus of Malaya University you have to reach every day please?  It will then be easier to know what transport links you need to be near and therefore where you might be able to stay.

Are u looking hotel or condo?

HI to all !! thanks!! I hve to stay for ONE YEAR and perhaps 2!! I have no idea which campus but its the faculty of sciences. (Institute of Biological Sciences or the Institute of Ocean & Earth Sciences).... Nazmul: what 's that pwtc?what's a condo??..bfff.. so much things new for me!!
What's the price to pay for a room..? I want also to by a van or a car to go each week-end to cherating!!!!Many Thanks.

Hi all, i might start working in kuala lumpur, the office will be in jalan tun razak , where could be the ideal place to look for a place to stay in a tight budget? I will be staying for at least 1 year.

Along Jalan Tun Razak , there are a few lower-rental apartment such as Vista Damai, TR231 Service, Ixora Apartment.Bintang Goldhill, Sri Inai Condo.
As you didn't mention the apartment type, I presume you are asking for yourself, so I believe Studio apartment might be sufficient, about 500sf (older ones will be larger floor space ) will cost about RM2300 t0 RM2,600.00. Fully furnished.
Depending on your office location, you might be able walk to the office because most office blocks are  within 1.5km range. Otherwise taxi ride or big bus are not difficult to get by..

I trust that your need of traveling to Cherating every weekend will be tough, I believe you have such a need because of your study in Marine Science? Cherating is about 220km away, at the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.Driving there will take approximately 3 hours, toll rate for the highway will be  about RM29.00 eash way, not to mention further-the cost of fuel .
Good news is there are other beach areas at the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia where such studies can be done as well. In fact, in Port Dickson 90km away from Kuala Lumpur, there is a Marine Research Site (but under Universiti Putra Malaysia).
Well it won't matter that much if your Campus is at the University of Malaya, plenty of choice including your partying needs at Bangsar-Bukit Bintang District-Petaling Jaya Area, as it is served by PUTRA-LRT trains and KTM Commuter train.
Fully Furnished Apartment)studio type, fully furnished about RM1500 to RM2000.00 per month

Hi patrick, my name is jason. Im a property agent and i deal with lots of expats. You're probably in your early 30s, bachelor, prefer to be at a bar having a cold chill beer with some guns n roses music ?
The kinda place you would be looking for should be an easy access transportation kinda place, with both local and western cuisine restaurants, not really a studio apartment, a 2bedroom fully furnished apartment with a kitchen is what you're lookin for.
Do drop me an email or buzz me over my cellphone.


Jason, I think you are not that right to mention or implying the followings; to which I want others in the forum to have a better understanding than such kind statements
1) Property agent in Bukit Bintang slits the throat of tenant at higher-than-market price!
    Each property differs for its location, furnishings , facilities , pricing is mostly driven by market force as well as
    landlords' decision. Each agent get their fees based on fixed percentage, by increasing the higher than market
    price doesn't warrant any higher fees or for that matter enabling agent pocketing the difference!
2) Casa Residence at edge of Bukit Bintang is not cheap unless others agree with you that RM5,000.00 per month
    rent for 3 rooms apartment being cheap.For such a price we are able to rent at Idaman Residence , Hampshire
    at the KLCC enclave, with large built up.

hi mike
is the room still available., i am living in Hartamas at the moment but want to move close to town

Hi ,,
I wonder whether you are still living in KL ..  and wish to move to a place not in the city centre but with a lot of social activities on ..? I have a studio apartment at Windsor tower ,sri hartamas ,, near moint kiara for rent ..

this apartment of mine has very beautiful Klcc City and palace view .. neaby there are many eateries and pubs and is within walking distance to these areas and a shopping mall too ,, there is a supermarket  and many other shops in this shopping centre too ..

if you wish to change place of living ,, may contact me at 016 2054535 ( Text me or call me )

thank s,, bye


Cheras / Bandar Seri Permaisuri is nice!

hi, i will be in kl in the next few moths. my work is in cap square kuala lumpur. where can i find a cheap yet accessible apartment/flat which i can rent for long period of time?

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