Medical Checkup and Card Registration to MOM

I have done my medical examination for my approved working pass from MOM. However, I believe the next step to ask the employer to issue my card (which this will involve me to come to MOM to attend the fingerprint registration and photo taking after I make an appointment with MOM).

Does anyone know whether I can do this approx 2 months later when I join the company? I am afraid that MOM will reject the medical examination result which will be 2 months old.

I believe they require a recent medical checkup. You should ask MoM how old it can be (at maximum).
If they want "not more than a month old", then you just have to get another checkup. It's easy, quick and free of charge (for you - the employer must pay), so why not?

Hi Beppi,

Thanks for your answer. I have 1 more question, who will decide the date of appointment to come to MOM? The employer or MOM itself?
Do the both fingerprint and photo and card registration need appointment? Thanks :)

I am not sure. You can call MoM about this (or ask your employer).

Company decides your joining date after your pass approved by MoM.. In some cases big banks n financial institutions give offer letter in advance with joining date as they are sure about getting approval of EP ( most of are P1 n P2).

On medical check up, employee after joined with in 3days go for all these check up. MoM does not accept your old check up. Not sure if is there any time frame which MoM accepts, but it says latest report.

To visit MoM, employer does have appointment date n time with MoM for u.

This is different with my case.

I have the pass approved and done for medical examination recently and just want to tender my resignation. I plan to ask my employer to issue the card after my joining date so I don't need to go to SG again prior to my joining date. I don't think this will be possible anyway since MOM wants to get the latest report.

By the way, according to IPA, the rest activities will be only registering fingerprint along with photo and get the card?

Yes, it very straight forward. You will have date n time to visit MoM, which is next to River walk Tandoor restaurant in River walk road.

You print out the appointment paper, go to level 4, scan the page it will automatically appear ur name and Q number with in few minutes. Go to the counter, take the instant photo there and they will ask your finger print. Will give you reference number and will tell you that either they will send to ur employer or u can visit again to collect the pass.

Thanks surya2k for your explanation!

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