Moving to Hanoi Between December and February 2016

Hey Guys, I am South African currently working in China and looking to move to Vietnam ( Hanoi ) in the next 2 to 3 months. I have a few questions i am hoping you guys can answer if you don't mind ?

Firstly some information about me :
I am White Male South African Native English speaker.
I have a Bachelors Degree and a Tefl Certificate.
I am currently in China on a 1 year Working Z-Visa.
South Africa is on the list of Preferred native speakers to teach English.
The Reason I am only making the move in the next 3 months is because i want to move with a descent amount of money so i don't have to jump into work straight away.
I plan on Staying in Vietnam for quite a while, possibly a few years.

My Questions :
1. Is the Vietnamese Dong still widely used ? If i come over can i convert majority of my money into VND or will i need majority in Dollars ? The reason i ask is because converting Chinese Yuan to VND I get far more out than if i convert to Dollars. Can i pay for day to day living in VND ?

2. In China i am teaching all ages, from 3 year olds to Varsity students. However, I would much rather prefer Middle school upwards ( 12 years and older ). Is there a lot of part time work in that age group, or is majority of the part time in the much younger students as it is in China ?

3. How easy is it to find part time work ? is it widely available as it is in China ? Here there is so much work I turn offers down on a weekly basis, they kind of harass you here and even beg at times... I plan to really just relax and lay back my first month in Vietnam and start working in the second month, So i will spend the first month looking for work, But i plan to fill my schedule with Part Time only, I am done working full time for schools.

4. Paypal : How well does paypal work in Vietnam ? For Example, in China I can use paypal to pay for things, but withdrawing from paypal to a bank is a nightmare, ( Direct withdrawal to Bank account is not supported in China ) the only way to do it is via wire transfer to a bank account, which means you pay $35 for withdrawal and you have to withdraw minimum of $150 and it takes 7 working days. The reason i ask about paypal is because i do some programming work on the side and i get paid via paypal, so i am curious about the withdrawal process in Vietnam. Some months it amounts to a significant amount, So having paypal function properly is quite important to me. I do plan on opening a bank account in Vietnam soon as I enter the country.

These are pretty much the questions I need answering at this point that i am unsure about, if i think of anything else I will add to the list, but if someone could address these for me I would be really grateful.

1. Sure, for everyday life we only use VND, and we also use VISA/Master card for shopping in Department Store as well.
In my opinion, I think you should not change all your amount of money from USD to VND but monthly used is ok, because VND often has lost.

2. There are some international school in Hanoi and lots of English Center in Hanoi ( some big and famous one such as :,,, that i think you should do searching and send them your CV before you move here)
Vietnamese parents have a high demand for their kid to learn English at the age 5ys old. Besides that, as you are a Native English Speaker, i don't think its difficult for you to look a a part time job in teaching in Hanoi though.

3. You even plan to have 1 month stay just to look for a full time and some part time job in Hanoi, so its absolutely possible. Don't worry :)

4. Paypal :  About this i don't have any experience, so other people may give you a better advise :)

Good luck,

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