Finding an accomodation in Oslo


I will probably go to Oslo for 2 months to work... but I'm wondering where I can find accomodations for long term stays (like 2 or 3 months), because for this time, I am pretty sure that it is impossible to rent a "classical" flat...

Do you have any advice or any website to help me ?
Thank you vey much


2 months in Oslo!  Tell us more!
It will change from Italy...

Maybe you could rent a "meublé"?
I'm sure Aurélie could tell you more...

Actually, I already check a bit on google.... and I found an apartment (a studio all furnished)... but it costs 900 euros per month !!! It is a bit huge (sic) because I have to pay in the same time the rent of my flat in Italy....

Probably Aurelie could tell me more... I will ask her if she will not come here. But Aurelie is not alone in Norway I guess... :D

Flat are very expensive in Norway.

You can try sharing; I know that it is quite common in Norway.

When do you want to go to Oslo? Maybe I know somebody, who could help you.

Otherwise try to post a mail to

You can e mail to kez_ako(AT)yahoo(DOT)fr

Good luck


Hi Kez, I've just replaced the "@" of your email address by a (AT). This is for spam prevention ;)

Take care!

Thank you Kez !

Actually I will go to Oslo from around the 20th of April until the 3rd of June. But everything is not confirmed yet... Things would be clearer in 1 or 2 weeks (well, I hope so !!)

By the way, I found the website of SiO, The Foundation for Student Life in Oslo, that has a section "Housing for Guest Researchers at the University of Oslo"... and I would be in this case normally, so...

But Kez, if you know somebody who could help me at this date, it could be good too... I have to check with people working in Oslo with me too.


I checked SiO you can not find better than 1660 NOk. It's a very good deal.

You will be in Oslo in the good months. Good luck


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