Living in Singapore as an international student with family


I want to apply for a PhD program in Singapore. Let's say I get a stipend of SGD 4000 per month, would it be able to manage for a family of 3? My daughter is 9 years old and goes to school. We don't want to live a lavish lifestyle, but still would the stipend be enough to cover expenses? Considering I will be an international student, most likely my wife would also not be able to work.


Hi Raj, to begin with the basic that with S$4k it's very difficult to survive in a country like Singapore, which is termed as top 5 costliest cities in the world.

We have given enough evidence with details about this. You can check many topics related to this.

For a couple with a 9yrs child must have to earn at least $6k for their average life in SG. Here, house rent itself will cost you more than $2.1k if you r looking for 2+1 ( 2bhk) unit. Apart from house rent, your daily expenditure and if u cook all the day it may still requires $1000 per month and in top of that you have utility bill, telephone bill, interest n TV bill. Then, top of that your child's expenditure n school fee. Add all together, you will struggle a lot if you have planned to bring your family.

I'm not sure if you can allow to bring ur family with stipend $4k, as for MoM only salaried employees who has basic income above $5k r entitled/ allowed to bring their family. Good luck

- You cannot survive on S$4000/month as a family of three.
- You are not allowed to bring dependents below S$5000/month.
- You cannot bring dependents on a student visa (SP).

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